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Discussion: (4 comments)

  1. Benjamin Cole

    Okay, without using the federal government to throw money at the problem, what would you do?

  2. Jack Bauer

    Three letters coming from Israel to Iran – EMP

  3. Change Iran Now

    The Nuclear talks in Geneva must be built on proven steps to halt its nuclear weapons capacity and not just promises. We should not give them sanctions relief just because they say “Trust us.” Also, The US must include human rights issues as a condition of relief. This is the point where the US had maximum leverage over a regime wanting a deal badly. The US must not give something away without gaining something in return.

  4. hakeem haqq

    I would take those sanctions and place them on Israel, so 1. Nuclear ambitions are halted in the middle east and 2. We can stop funding Israel billions and start investing here at home. Ron Paul’s right, and the rest of the world is right, we the American people have been voting too often with our feelings and not with our brains. And too often making political judgments with greed at the helm.

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