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  1. WHAT is sold is what counts. Does “world trade” mean globalist trade, where the globalists just get rich while the others struggle to survive (kind of like the stock market going up now but most people not having the ability to take advantage of that)?

    1. Harold Saxon

      So, you have no clue what you’re talking about? Because that is all I am getting from your comment.

    2. mesa econoguy

      Interesting theory.

      Only the sell-side matters.

      Do you have any other theories, like only blue stuff which gets sold matters?

      I am intrigued, and would like to subscribe to your newsletter. I am also in need of disposable materials for a large pet potty training project.

    3. Seattle Sam

      You’re right. What is sold is what people want to pay you to produce. That IS what counts.

      And if a rising stock market does not benefit most people, do you think a falling or stagnant market would benefit them more? What exactly are you hoping will happen to the stock market?

  2. Jon Murphy

    Good to see Production steadily rising. In my professional opinion, Industrial Production is a better indication of economic activity than GDP. 1) It isn’t as volatile or politically charged as GDP, 2) it comes out monthly as opposed to quarterly, 3) Trade is a good thing, as opposed to bad (as it is treated in GDP), 4) ignores volatile industries like agriculture (Industrial Production, generally speaking, is manufacturing + mining + utilities).

  3. Citizen Buddy

    “…(kind of like the stock market going up now but most people not having the ability to take advantage of that)?”


    It is the investments in the stock market by pension funds going up, as well as 401 plans, higher ed saving plans, profit sharing; and individual savings in ETFs, mutual funds and equities.

    1. Citizen Buddy

      In reply to Stevor’s comment.

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