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Discussion: (4 comments)

  1. Very eloquently summarized by Dr. Wolfowitz. I came to know ANC members that lived as refugees in Tanzania in 1990. They had no Idea what would become of their country and prepared for the worst. Yes, there are many challenges ahead for SA and they may even be able to learn a thing or two from some of their neighbors to the north that are enjoying stability and growth.

  2. Margie James Perna

    Paul, Thank You for sharing. Margie

  3. Too bad you didn’t listen to him about Iraq Paul. You could have prevented the deaths of 500k + people.

  4. john moore

    Wolfowitz scored some valid debate points by pointing out some of Mandela’s good gestures. But in the overall picture, all it does is rescue Mandela from Joe Stalin status in the history books. Zimbabwe? Sir, even Yemen is an Ayn Rand utopia by comparison. As an international figure, instead of getting drunk on Mandela’s charm, you should have seen Zimbabwe as an example of what happens when the only path to racial equality is a red one. SA is headed in the same direction. As for the Forgiveness Committees just another social engineering failure. You cannot compel magnanimity with state action.

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