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  1. This article hits the target best. The RTE dna composition is remarkable. As soon as Erdogan’s assistants read this, they’ll think that you planned direngeziparkı. They are still seeking the foreign power, organization which backed the demonstrations. They name the activists as “capulcu” (looser) and imagine some jelaous provokers trying to end the corrupt heaven in their fake economic hinterland. He will never be able to enslave the free spirit in capulcu’s of Turkey and that’s what matters. He bought most of the liberals and they work for him. Don’t miss that reality and don’t take our liberals serious.

  2. Onur Iceren

    We are well aware of the fact that you are not a challenging figure in English language(wait I forgot to add as a Turkish citizen), yet your enthusiasm to instruct writing techniques to others gave me a good reason to correct you; it is not looser, it is loser, loser!
    You are pathetic like most of the seculars and that’s the reason you cry out against republican hard-liners. Don’t worry, thanks to your worthy remarks, Rubin will not take our liberals serious anymore, and I must say “jealous provokers” (It doesn’t spell as jelaous, one more lesson for you) hit me hard
    Get a life..

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