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  1. initially DOD hired contractors to handle extra work that was considered not permanent.

    then DOD saw it as a way to hire cheaper help to they could basically staff up more people with less money – and scale back if budgets got cut.

    what you don’t really hear with the sequester is how many DOD are permanent govt employees and how many are contractors that can be cut lose much quicker.

    I suspect that there are fair number of contractors these days and they can be shed quite easily …. and probably should.

  2. According to Andrew Ferguson in his Time article, “Bubble on the Potomac” —

    The size of the nonmilitary, nonpostal federal workforce has stayed relatively stable since the 1960s. What has changed is not the government payroll but the number of government contractors. It’s estimated that, thanks to massive outsourcing over the past 20 years by the Clinton and Bush administrations, there are two government contractors for every worker directly employed by the government. Federal contracting is the region’s great growth industry. A government contractor can even hire contractors for help in getting more government contracts. You could call those guys ­government-contract contractors. Which means government hasn’t shrunk; it’s just changed clothes (and pretty nice clothes they are).

    1. Which is why commentaries like this posting are ridiculous. Funny how so-called conservative sites are in a panic every time the government threatens to make a small cut no matter how insignificant.

      1. Where do you get “panic” from that post?

        What part of DC metro do you live in? Out here on the Pacific, outside “Greater Rome” aka DC … we applaud every cut.

        As for the job losses … f em. Sorry, but normal people don’t take kindly to theft….

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