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  1. The real challenge though is that the ANA grew so quickly that insufficient attention was paid to infiltration by the Taliban. A large number of Americans died because this was not done correctly and, when this was pointed out to Caldwell, et al in country, he and his staff suppressed the information and marginalized those who brought it to them.

  2. Considering the author’s absolutely dismal performance while in the USG on any matter relating to US Defense policy, and his utter ignorance of the Near East, matched only by his utterly unwarranted self-confidence, why should we listen to anything he has to say?

  3. bob zimway

    THE Paul Wolfowitz? The war criminal? Still at it are you. Shame.

  4. moderateGuy

    Anyone appointed to the Pentagon by America-hater Obama will be a total disaster as far as American interests are concerned; this is merely discussing the proverbial arrangement of chairs on the Titanic.

  5. PersonFromPorlock

    “She does not seem to be someone who would comfortably let that war be lost.”

    However, current policy seems to be to lose that war as comfortably as possible.

  6. War prone Wolfowitz still believes Afghan war cannot be lost. He might think the west is winning in Kabul, but the rest of the world would think otherwise. Wake up. (mtd1943)

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