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  1. Todd Mason

    Well, no. The bipolar Republican party got Obama reelected. If Romney could have ran on his moderate record — and appeared genuine — he would have won handily. As it was, no one knew who he was: the born-again crazy of the primary season, or the etch-a-sketch moderate who felt our pain. As long as the Republican candidate has to pander to the religious and anti-govt wingnuts to win the nomination, it’s going to take a very bad economy to win a national election.

    Roger Ailes obviously knows when to send the crazy aunt to the basement:

  2. Thomas Sullivan

    The welfare state bought the election. Democrats are running against “the rich” which is actually our economic system – those who succeed and provide all the private sector jobs. We are now a European style welfare state, and have run out of other peoples’ money. We are headed for an inflationary depression.

    1. Todd Mason

      Median CEO pay in the decade of the 1950s was $970,000 (in 2000 dollars.) In the oughts, through 2005, it was $9.2 million. The median household income in 1950 was $5,000. For equivalent buying power today, you’d need $46,737. (calculator screen right.) The median household income in 2011 was $51,413.
      Now there are many ways to account for the different outcomes besides greed. But I gotta say, based on the performance of our job creators, we may be looking in for entitlement in the wrong direction.

      BTW, the top marginal tax rate in 1952 was 92 percent.

  3. Max Planck

    This, no doubt, remedies the twenty odd pieces you published with such glee before the election pointing out all the evidence that the economy would doom Mr. Obama.

    You’re a real piece of work, pal.

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