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  1. Kum Dollison

    I expect the Bakken to peak within the next six months, and at a level Below 750,000 bbl/day.

    The Declines are too steep, and the rigs are moving out (down to 187 from 214 in just the last couple of months.)

  2. Aiken_Bob

    Even if there is a near term peak those royalty checks will keep on coming. The rigs are going to be used in other places.

  3. Steven Hales
  4. MP: The energy boom in North Dakota, mostly from shale oil, continues to deliver a powerful economic stimulus to the state, making it the most economically successful state in the country in recent years by almost any measure. Along with the drilling activity for shale oil has come thousands of shovel-ready jobs, millions of dollars in royalty payments to local landowners and farmers, rising incomes and wealth, and a huge budget surplus.

    Shouldn’t an economist understand that a process that destroys capital and is not self sustaining cannot produce a positive result in the aggregate? Why is it that you are so eager to read every positive report on ND shale production but refuse to look at critical reports that show that the depletion rate is too high to produce an economic result and that few of the producers are self financing? Do you really care about the truth as it is or do you just want to spin a positive view that ignores reality?

    The way I see it if you miss on this obvious bubble as you did on housing you may lose whatever credibility you have worked so hard to develop. While supporting a particular view may make you a few bucks selling your integrity for those few bucks may do long term harm to your reputation.

  5. david smith

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