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Discussion: (15 comments)

  1. I feel kind of sad for the teenagers making $75,000 – once this gravy train runs out of steam they will have quite an adjustment to make – schlepping burgers at McDonalds for minimum wage. Ouch! Enjoy it now boys!

    1. If you grew up in Midland you understand this well. The early 1980s were another boom time, at that time Midland had the Rolls Royce dealer with the biggest sales in the US. Then the price crashed, Midland (and Odessa next door) went into a severe slump. For a while there rush hour was non existent, and jobs were scare. Folks living in Midland understand booms and busts, because they have been thru so many of them.

      1. Jon Murphy

        Midland residents know that, but do teenagers?

        I’m not trying to belittle your point, just pointing out that teens tend to be short-sighted.

        1. morganovich


          if you grew up around it and saw parents go through one or at least heard of it, then yes, i could see how they would understand.

          regions have a sort of institutional memory around things like this.

          some may pree all their cash on cars and booze, but others will save and perhaps start a biz or have plenty of cash to move away later.

          bottom line to moe’s point, i would not feel sad for these guys. far better to have this shot even if only for a while than not to.

        2. Generally generational memory tends to go 3 generations, in that you are around to hear your grandparents tell their stories, but not your great grandparents. Stories told by folks who actually experienced the events tend to be more likely to be recalled than second hand stories. If you are turning 21 you would have been born during the trough in Midland after the crash of 1986.

          1. Jon Murphy

            Then I stand corrected

        3. To boot to get the driving job you must have a commercial drivers license and be 21 to get that. So teenagers need not apply.

          1. Actually, you DON’T need to have a CDL as long as you pull a trailer 35 ft or less. A LOT of hotshot drivers run rigs that meet those specs.

    2. If they work a couple of years and save the money they make, they can use it to get an education or establish a business.

  2. MacDaddyWatch

    Kids all over the USA make more than $75,000 dealing drugs. Anybody see an end to that gravy train? Anybody see those kids schlepping burgers at McDonalds?

    1. Did you read Freakconomics? According to what they published 99.9% of drug dealers make less than minimum wage.

  3. Citizen B.

    “teenagers who earn $75,000 driving trucks the day they graduate from high school;”

    If kids are seeing other kids making $6250 a month then the drop-out rate could be quite high.

    1. Jon Murphy

      Nah, you need a degree to drive a truck

      1. Citizen B.

        Ah, you’re right. It’s the teachers who are going to drop out for six grand a month, unless they become school administrators before the truck driving job opens.

      2. Nah, you need a degree to drive a truck“…


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