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  1. The jobs gap isn’t as large as portrayed by EPI. The EPI potential labor force increase is ~0.8%-points per year (6.6 million divided by 6 years divided by a base of 138 million).

    Population growth is only ~0.7%-points per year and there are more boomers turning 65 than teenagers hitting age 16.

    The potential labor force increase is probably only 0.5%-points per year or a total of jobs not gained of 4 million through the end of 2013. So it will take ~3 more years to close the job gap at the current rate (2.2 million per year) of job creation.

    1. So every month that >250,000 jobs aren’t created is a bad thing?!

  2. forumsforjustice

    Employment ..
    Jan., 2008 138.056 million, Population 303.8 million ….
    Nov., 2013 136.765 million, Population 317.2 million ….

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