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  1. Che is dead

    ” … it’s going to take large-scale publish pushback to set national drug policy on a more rational footing, and that’s where an entertaining, anecdotal package like “How to Make Money Selling Drugs” comes in, which apparently cashes in on producer Grenier’s access to celebrities. (He was the star of HBO’s “Entourage” for seven seasons.)”

    Hmm, HBO. Aren’t they the geniuses that brought us “Gasland”, and only recently shelved a hagiographic “documentary” about Castro produced by Oliver Stone?

    Yes, it going to take some deep thinking Hollywood producer with access to celebrities to set the world right. (Try not to laugh when you read that sentence)

    1. PeakTrader

      Che is dead, what a surprise! Hollywood approves of drugs!

      I heard the second feature is Michael Moore’s new documentary: “Marijuana, Munchies, and Me: How to be a Successful Untalented Fat Slob.”


      1. Like Moore or not, he’s funny.

        1. terrence

          Yeah, but it is not nice to laugh at someone.

          1. It’s OK to laugh at clowns.

  2. Che is dead

    “… the larger point is that any negative consequences of legal drugs cannot possibly equal the social devastation and moral and financial bankruptcy of the drug war.”

    Social devastation? Moral and financial bankruptcy? That could describe the effects of almost every liberal program since the New Deal. We will we getting a series of documentaries condemning “The War on Poverty”, the teachers unions public education monopoly, etc., etc.?

    I’m guessing not.

    “to state what should be glaringly obvious to anyone who’s not a total idiot, alcohol and tobacco have devastating effects on public health, almost certainly worse than all the illegal drugs put together.”.

    I really like this bit of brilliant reasoning, the legalization of alcohol and tobacco have been “devastating” so, let’s up the ante by legalizing meth, crack and heroine. And if you disagree you are apparently both an idiot and a coward.


  3. Che is dead

    “When the tour ended and the drugs disappeared, Griffin turned to prostitution — from call girl to mistress and finally to doped-up street hooker — to pay for the habit. After entering and failing nearly two dozen drug rehab programs, Griffin got clean 10 years ago through Houston’s drug court. From that she learned what worked, and understood what didn’t, and she tailor made a curriculum for prostitutes.” — Bigoted, evil U.S. justice system tailors sentencing for drug addicts and prostitutes.


  4. What do we think and know will be the result of legalizing marijuana? No policy should ever be enacted without such scrutinization. We can’t shoot from the hip based on economic philosophy we need to have articulated outcomes.

  5. Benjamin Cole

    Remember, if you give government a power—the power to decide what recreational drugs you can consume–that power can and will be abused, like the power to tax, or the power to have a standing military, or to regulate crop production, or anything that a large government does.

    Right now, federal, state and local governments control what kind of recreational drugs I consume, during what hours (in bars etc) and determine the content of entertainment in those bars (no nudity, sometimes no dancing, no showing of films, etc). In L.A., a liquor store can sell liquor, but cannot set up a bar inside the store, so you can sample a few drinks before deciding what to buy. Does this make sense? Why?

    I can’t watch a movie in a theatre and buy a drink either. Why?

    Che is Dead: Do you really need a mommy to tell you that you cannot watch a movie and buy a drink? Or watch a pretty girl dance naked? That in you own home you cannot smoke pot you grew in your own backyard?

    If you allow these intrusions into your own life, then complain not of else. You need mommy to tell you how much taxes to pay, and when to shuttle off to war, and who to hire in your business and what to watch on TV, and what kind of sex life to have.

    1. Amen.

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