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  1. Arthur O. armstrong

    While I certainly don’t like Iran’s having nuclear weapons capability, how is that worse than the existence of actual weapons in the hands of a number of other counties, including Israel and Pakistan? Or are these weapons only the invention of the devil when possessed by people we don’t like?

    1. Eric Coddington

      Well Israel and Pakistan are not every day filmed saying
      “Death to Americans” any doubts get a plane ticket
      walk in Israel and then Pakistan enjoy good food etc. Be
      sure to put on lots of weight! Then go walking around in
      Iran once arrested say hello to Pastor Saeed Abedini he
      is being held on false charges tell him I am praying for
      him, Enough stupid questions for today!

      1. Where was Osama living?

  2. Eric Coddington

    We let Iran gain Nuclear Weapons with their hate for
    the US they say they do not have shame on US! If
    they do not have hate let our Pastor illegally held
    go tomorrow. Allow immediately access to inspect and
    verify any time zero delay! Then maybe. We are a
    super power should we not act like one! No deals!

  3. Superpower??!! That ceased long ago.

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