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  1. Jardinero1

    The employer mandate is not being enforced in 2014. What we have is a conjecture on a conjecture. Conjecture one: The mandate is being enforced(false conjecture). Conjecture two: In anticipation of false conjecture one, hiring will be impacted in some way. Really?

  2. naw… the right wing has absolutely certified that ObamaCare is causing all manner of problems …guaranteed..

    would they lie?

    1. Yeah, it’s not like the left wing would lie about the problems Obamacare would cause. They were so truthful about not reading the bill before they passed it.

    2. You lie every time that you post one of your unbrilliant brain farts on the Internet. You filthy leftists wouldn’t know either the truth or a lie, because you are amoral trash.

      1. holy moly guy!

  3. From those vicious, right wing haters at CNBC:

    From CNBC dated June 19: Will Obamacare Hurt Jobs? It’s Already Happening, Poll Finds

    From CNBC dated August 21: Obamacare, tepid US growth fuel part-time hiring

  4. mesa econoguy


    In our case, very, very early

  5. What happened? Is Obamacare repealed?

    Part-time for economic reasons employment declined by 315,000 jobs in August. Back to the drawing board!

    1. All that reduction (and then some) was from those claiming their part-time status was due to slack work. Those saying that they could only find enough work to work fewer than 35 hours increased month-to-month on a seasonally-adjusted basis, and year-to-year on an unadjusted basis.

      1. The rising trend in adjusted “could only” involuntary part-time employment (red line) predates ACA. Back to the drawing board!

        1. Counter-point – unlike the 2001 recession (the only other recession since the current definitions were implemented), it didn’t reverse itself 2 years after the end because of PlaceboCare.

          Drawing board restored.

    2. mesa econoguy

      Sorry, wrong. You think part-time substitution effect is the only Obamascare collateral damage?

      Un- and underemployment is still 14%, worst postwar recovery on record, and of course, let’s not forget this:

      [1978 levels]

      Uh, no, that’s not people retiring.

      The actual headline unemployment rate using a real LFPR is now 11.4%.

      Obamascare is responsible for this, too.

  6. Still nothing about federal furloughs gumming up the recent part-time numbers? :-)

    See Furman, chart 5.

    Drawing board re-reversed! I have no idea whether Obamacare has anything to do with the part-time data this year, but nothing in the data jumps out.

    1. mesa econoguy

      Again, no.

      Chart 1 – notice job creation flatlining after the passage of Obamascare (March 2010).

      You’d better get more lipstick for your pig, marmy.

  7. Chart 1 – notice job creation flatlining after the passage of Obamascare (March 2010).

    Yes. But job growth flatlines above the zero mark in all expansions.

    FRED Graph

    When are you going to bring some empiricism to the table, pinhead?

    1. mesa econoguy
    2. mesa econoguy

      And no, that’s not what your FRED chart shows, dumbass.

      Robust growth occurs with large spikes – none of that happened post-2010.

      Learn how to read charts, asshat.

    3. mesa econoguy

      Here’s some more inconvenient empiricism, shitforbrains –

      The change in total nonfarm payroll employment for June was revised from +188,000 to +172,000, and the change for July was revised from +162,000 to +104,000. With these revisions, employment gains in June and July combined were 74,000 less than previously reported.

      Yeah, Obamascare’s not having any impact at all….

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