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  1. Robert puharic

    Although as a lefty, I’m pretty sympathetic to responsible regulation, I give up. Where’s the rationale for requiring a license for this? I’d usually suspect the right of spinning the facts as they often do, but here in PA we have a similar situations with hairdressers. It takes longer to get ‘licensed” in PA as a hairdresser than it does to become an EMT. Why? I dunno.

    So go for it conservatives! Sometimes you guys are right. Not often, but sometimes.

    1. Jon Murphy

      I’m pretty sympathetic to responsible regulation


      Frankly, I don’t know why you’re complaining. This is exactly what you were advocating for yesterday.

    2. What “responsible regulation” do you support? You support the minimum wage, but that’s an incredibly irresponsible regulation, hurting the very people you claim you want to help.

      1. He supports “responsible regulation” in the same way Obama wants a “balanced approach” to addressing the deficit. Just liberal buzzwords meant to cloud rather than clarify their true agenda.

    3. Um… Conservatives like to tell people what to do just as much as you lefties do. Just in different ways.

      The IJ is not partisan in this manner – they fight for liberty.

  2. Jon Murphy

    Really? You went with that pun? Sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done. :-)

    1. I laughed out loud over the corniness of it.

  3. Citizen Buddy

    This is a private matter and one private organization to reference for horse owners is the International Association of Animal Massage Therapists

  4. carrie snow

    Can you imagine having to go to the Dr. for a massage, the vet for your horses massage? SO ridiculous!!! Please. Is anyone home!

  5. carrie snow

    SO ridiculous!!! Please. Is anyone home!

    1. Renee Been

      This is outrageous! I am a certified equine sports massage therapist recently relocated to AZ. I can’t believe that only Veterinarians can massage a horse! What a POOR job they must do. I am really good at what I do, what a waste.

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