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  1. MacDaddyWatch

    America is already OFF THE CLIFF…we’ve been there for at almost 4 years.

    By most measures, our 2% economy continues to suck. Although eeking forward at a snails pace, economic growth is not fast enough to create new jobs jobs and expand tax revenues for the feds. We remain in the very same quagmire where we have resided for nearly 4-years after we hit rock bottom–our GDP should be about 13% higher than it is today.

    This is one very deep ditch that couldn’t tolerate 10 cents more of growth-killing tax hikes.

  2. Mark Shea

    Republicans need to change thee narrative regarding the Clinton tax hikes. They did not create prosperity. The equity boom of the late 1990s did. When the buble burst in 2000, the NASDAQ and other markets tanked, leaving President Bush the job of picking up the pieces in 2001. Bush cut taxes to jump start the economy.

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