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Discussion: (4 comments)

  1. Hello Mr. Pethokoukis, I apologize if you’ve already investigated and reported on this question, but what is “probationary legal status”? The name makes it sound like a testing period, so that people who fail to fulfill the stated requirements would lose such legal status after a given period of time. However, I think the Democratic Party would never agree to such an outcome. In that case, with apologizies to our Secretary of State, what difference does it make, at this point, whether unauthorized immigrants on “probation” decide to learn English or not?

  2. It’s all about having more poor folks, used to low wages and poor police/gang states so they won’t mind a New World Order where there is “austerity” for the peasants/slaves/serfs and they won’t mind BIG Brother watching every move they do.

    1. You’re a bit all over the place but there are several factors for this immigration mess:

      1. You’ve already touched upon cheap labor. There is a fundamental conflict, a conflict that the conservative media has been shockingly bad at telling, between the grassroots base and the plutocrats that fund the pols at the top. The plutocrats want cheap labor so they can gut all your bargaining chips and therefore make you a docile worker who will accept anything, including a pay decrease, with nothing but a grateful cheer.

      2. Ethnic activism. Let’s talk about the 400 pound gorilla in the room. There’s plenty of people who came recently to this country who want more of their people in simply because of ethnic activism. Anyone who disagrees is a ‘racist’, which is funny, since they’re the real racists.

      3. The media. The conservative movement has been very slow and still do not get it fully, of how important the media is. The media sets the frame of reference of the discussion. Fundamentally, if the media is 90% liberal, you’ll never win in the long run because the media shapes the culture and eventually the culture will shape the politics. Media culture is incredibly hostile to what we might call ‘traditional America’.

      What saddens me is how many, often white, Middle Americans, have accepted those stereotypes and often racial slurs. (‘Redneck’, ‘hick’, ‘white trash’, ‘gun nut’ and so on). These are racial slurs that the same media whores would never get away with by throwing them at poor inner city blacks.

      5. Race and whites. Another 400 pound gorilla in the room. Until white Americans get their own – and this is important – bipartisan ethnic lobby, they will delude themselves into thinking that the GOP will protect their interests. It won’t. It will only protect the interests of it’s donors. White Americans is the only group in America that does not have a major organizational structure to protect it’s ethnic interests. All groups have ethnic interests. To deny otherwise is to delude yourself. And some of those interests for white America include the ending of affirmative action as well as a cooldown to mass (and unskilled) immigration from the third world.

      But whites thought they could rely on the GOP, but now that is being seen as a massive mistake.

      My hope is that the GOP is abandoned and that whites in America do what literally every other group has been able to figure out: create your own ethnic organizations and make sure they are bipartisan. Where are the white student unions for example? The list can go on.

      How long will it be tenable for there to be a Hispanic congressional caucus, a black congressional causus, a Jewish congressional caucus and so on but no white congressional caucus? You might say, well there are a lot of white people in congress. And that’s true. But with the passing of this mass amnesty, can you say they have the interests of their own group background in mind?

      A counter might be, but this is America, and it shouldn’t be. My response is that is wonderfully white and idealistic to say. Too bad every other group doesn’t see it that way. Time to wake up.

  3. Under current US law every illegal immigrant, that has children born in the USA, has a legal way to gain entry to the USA. They can have their US born children sponsor them, the illegal immigrant parents, after the children have become adults. If the US born children of illegal immigrant parents do not want to help their parents get US residency, why should I?

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