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  1. Michael,
    As an American based in Indonesia for 20 years, I was APPALLED at the hubris that “King Obama” was demonstrating by shutting down the Bali Airport for 4 days just to “protect” “his majesties” safety. No other president or king or prime minister has the gall to do something so arrogant.

    America is a laughing stock throughout much of SE Asia, not only because we cannot get our own financial house in order but because we are no longer a country of principle- we no longer exemplify the values we supposedly subscribe to. We preach “democracy” and “rule of law” to developing nations but our own country flouts our own Constitution; we preach peace but then we send our drones out to bomb “terrorists” forgetting the impact of the “collateral damage” only serves to inspire “more terrorists”. We throw our money around in the developing countries supposedly “to good” and most of it goes to corrupt politicians in the donor country.

    America is country in decline and the countries of SE Asia are quietly but consistently disinter-mediating the US dollar and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the USD shortly being replaced as the world’s reserve currency.

    I’d like to think that this shutdown will serve as a wake up call to the American people, but I seriously doubt that will happen.

    Dr. PDG

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