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  1. Not too bad but I think that Stephan Kinsella would be an even better interview on the subject of patents. While he will make the utilitarian argument about patents his main position is principle based and unassailable.

    1. If he’s ever in DC I’ll be sure to try and track him down!

      1. He is on hundreds of different shows and can be accessed by using the internet or telephone. If you are interested in the subject you can download a short book on the subject at the links below.

        Against Intellectual Property PDF

        Against Intellectual Property ePub

  2. What is the big deal? Why should patents stand in the way of further innovations? Look how advanced the financial sector has gotten. Did they do it by assuming risks? Of course not and this should be instructive for dealing with patent holders. Simply set up a window at the Fed, Financial Utilization of Covered Knowledge, and pay the patent holders. If the innovation is productive, the enterprise is successful. If the innovation does not pan out, the Fed merely adds it to its balance sheet. Problem solved.

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