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  1. Sizi ne Syn. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan ne de biz vatansever Türkler’den kimse kale almaz.

  2. Ottoman

    propaganda as much as you want it to do, the victory of Islam will

  3. It was one of the most objective and “cognitive” analysis put forward by a foreign analyst.Eventhoug Turkey’s situation is not identical to Egypt i agree with the “Ministry of Internal Affairs” example.Actualy the main issue and the problem was PM’s attitude which is actualy his very own character.He was supported by the most of the people at the very beginning to solve chronic problems within the economy,education in return .As time passed as in every “one man show” his actions brought some consequences, his stubborn character provoked most of the secular public suppoters as well as financial supporters .Eventhough AKP denies that current situation will not affect their power, collateral damages that may put forward as possible consequences of current “protests of financialy,technologicaly,educationaly saturated people developed with in 11 years” whom they do not know how to deal with ,will lead the party into a chaos.
    It is obvious that PM will not comprimise,and he is now much more predictable than past 11 years,which brings a rare & unique opportunity for the oposite groups if they can come up with a good strategy.

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