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Discussion: (37 comments)

  1. Seattle Sam

    Shhh. You can’t scare people if you use real facts and don’t lie. But don’t forget that we have a bigger epidemic in this country — homicides. It’s just getting and worse and worse.

    It’s time the Federal government did something about this frightful epidemic.

    1. marque2

      The one thing shocking about your chart is that black People represent 1/2 of all homicides. That is something like 4x the number of whites killed if you consider population proportions.

      Black homicides have gone down since 1980 as well but not nearly as much as white.

      1. Murder rates have declined proportionally across all races.

    2. juandos

      It’s time the Federal government did something about this frightful epidemic“…

      Why? Its not the federal government’s business…

      Murder Offenders by Age, Sex, and Race, 2011

  2. It is sad…no, it is pathetic that the federal government panders to the hysteria of certain groups in order to massage the votes of those groups. Unfortunately, caught in the cross-hairs are truly innocent young students like my son, Joshua Strange, who are expelled from college without any evidence other than an accuser’s words, no rights to active legal representation in the campus tribunal system, no investigation, and no trained officials for the adjudication process. However, we are fighting back. Families Advocating for Campus Equality is organizing to stop the violations of due process rights on college campuses. Join us, if you will, by visiting our website at the following address:

      1. See the c-span link for the roundtable discussions that have begun under Sen Claire McCaskill:
        If anyone in this thread really cares about this issue, please contact your US Senator to tell them that there needs to be discussion in these sessions about protecting due process and civil rights, wrongful accusations, false reporting of assualt, the right to legal representation for the accused student, the threat of double-jeopardy, etc., in addition to efforts to protect the true victims of rape/assualt. I applaud the effort to stop campus assault but not every person who claims assualt is truthful. Laura Dunn, feminist activist, even suggested in this roundtable that scholarships be given to students who come forward to report sexual assualt. That will never increase false-reporting, right?

    1. Jon Murphy

      You can also talk to FIRE. They helped me out of a similar jam

  3. Hieronymus

    No no no no no no NO!

    Don’t you get it?? Victims is SCARED to REPORT rape, so FBI stats are MEAN-ING-LESS!

    Didn’t y’all get the memo?

    1. Jon Murphy

      Can’t tell ’cause I’m pretty drunk:

      Sarcastic or not?

      1. marque2

        I personally think you are a bit lost on the subject. Not everything feminist call rape is really rape – and there are plenty of false allegations of rape in college – even when there wasn’t even a sexual encounter. Young men’s lives get ruined because of these fake rapes and new age rapes. They are far different from the Forcible rapes that really are detrimental to women.

        1. Jon Murphy

          I did what now?

    2. Seattle Sam

      So they must be more scared to report today than they were 20 years ago?

    3. Anonymous

      Didn’t you know, those statistics are off by at least 50,000%. At least 4/3 women are raped with eyes within the first 10 minutes of being in college!/s

  4. chuck martel
  5. Citizen Buddy

    “.. has anybody at the White House or elsewhere bothered to actually check the crime data on rapes in the US?”

    The data checked by the WH is from anonymous universities and surveys. What could be more concrete than that?

    1. Jon Murphy

      Well, it’s from one survey.

      1. Citizen Buddy

        Jon, I believe it’s from separate surveys at two anonymous universities.

        1. Jon Murphy

          I thought it was one survey that covered two unis?

          Eh it doesn’t matter. Your point still holds.

  6. juandos

    Before declaring that there’s a ‘rape epidemic’ in the US, has anybody bothered to check the actual data? Apparently not“…

    There are facts and then there are agendas…

    Facts normally doesn’t get you money from the politicians but agendas do…

    Consider the present the Kenyan Kommie Klown and krewe of kool-aid drinking, parasitical thieves are pushing again – man made global warming but they’re calling it something else now…

    The Center for Naval Analyses has released a report warning that climate change is a threat that, “much like terrorism or cyber-attacks,” is not limited by political boundaries and requires similar attention. The study also attributes major political events to climate change, such as the Arab Spring and the Syrian Civil War

    Oh yeah! Roll up a couple smaller boogey men together and now there’s a new & improved Frankenstein to fight and the regime needs YOUR money to accomplish that mission…

    Looking at all the other scams these DC dolts have pushed using the same methods: public education, school swill a meal, gun control, etc, etc, etc…

  7. Stewart Dompe

    Since the chart describes forcible rape what does the data shows for non-forcible rape? I am assuming this latter category would be the result of substances like alcohol and rohypnol.

    1. Stewart

      Those cases are included in the chart above. Rape is, by definition, forcible. The term “forcible rape” is sort of redundant. A person who is unable to give consent due to impaired consciousness may be considered a victim of forcible rape.

      1. Gail Sanders

        Not all rapes are forcible. Yes, it happens. Rape is not about violence. It’s about power. Rape can be entirely non-violent, but it always involoves an exercise of unequal power. Always.

        1. Knobby Newelpost


          I agree. I use the word forcible to mean “against the will” of the victim, which would include all cases where voluntary consent isn’t given. I would consider a threat of violence, such as a gun to the head, to be forcible.

          1. “I agree” meaning Ron H. agrees.

            Please don’t ask me to explain the other alias.

      2. Stewart Dompe

        Ron H.

        Thank you for the clarifying the terms.

      3. Perhaps the term “forcible rape” is meant to distinguish it from “statutory rape”, in which force may not have been used, but the victim is considered incapable of consenting.

  8. Awakening

    The FBI changed their definition from “Forceable Rape” to “Nonconsensual Rape” in 2012. The Feminist Majority Foundation claims that it changed as a result of Women’s Rights groups advocating for the new definition.
    Although it was 2012, this new definition needs time to be adopted and implemented within local law enforcement agencies and eventually reflected in their reporting policies. Other than nonconsensual being very subjective in its definition, it is also more than likely that the feminists will draw their future statistics from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report. The reason that’s a problem is that law enforcement is being told to submit ANY accusation of rape into the report, regardless if a preliminary investigation does not result in a charge being made against the accused – to include if they discover it is a false allegation. Just plain sick! The feminists claim it is so a repeat offender can be discovered through unassociated accusers – regardless if the perpetrator consistently “gets away with it”. That should be an entirely different database…provided you still ignore the rights of the accused and put them on a “potential rapist” list upon an allegation. You better believe this is Salem all over again.

    1. Awakening

      *”Forcible” That’s what I get for typing on phone while rushing to work. Doh!

    2. Knobby Newelpost


      “Non-consensual rape” seems as redundant as “forcible rape”. The definition of the word “rape” includes the concepts of non-consent and forcible.

      Perhaps the change is intended to include cases where lack of consciousness prevents positive consent.

  9. 1992 is the fulcrum year? Bill Clinton’s assumption of a federal office and the increased scrutiny that comes with that must be merely a highly correlated coincidence.

  10. Umm. So the FBI’s own web site has different statistics than this.

    “The rate of forcible rapes in 2011 was estimated at 52.7 per 100,000 female inhabitants.”

    1. That’s 52.7 rapes per 100,000 females, which would be 26.4 per 100,000 inhabitants. The links I’ve provided to FBI data is for “rapes per 100,000 inhabitants.”

  11. richard40

    But you forget that the left does not define rape as most people with common sense would. As the left defines it, women are getting raped constantly.

  12. Its no coincidence that the fall and rise of reported rape coincide with gun control laws. The chart shows the rise beginning after the passage of the 1968 Gun Control Act and the repeal of concealed carry laws by most states in the union. Its also clear that rapes started to free fall in the mid 1990’s at the same time states repealed gun control laws and legalized concealed and open carry.

  13. The “epidemic” has more to do with the rape fantacies of unattractive women than facts.

  14. Actually, the definition would only include male on male rape, it would not include female on male rape or female on female rape. What we need now is the “made to penetrate” numbers and see how they have changed.

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