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  1. chris whited

    I think the term might be

    perpetual unexpectedness. Atleast that’s the sells pitch.

  2. The “best he can do” is end the entire failed experiment, not of QE, but of central banking. The Fed and other central banks are mere appendages of governments, printing money to “finance” their catastrophic deficits.

    From 1914, the purpose of the Fed has been “quantitative easing,” whose own purpose, in turn, has been political. Central banking aids, not the economy, but the “macroeconomy,” the constellation of statistics used to camouflage the malfeasance of government growth AT THE EXPENSE OF the economy. The central banks are at root just ministries of propaganda.

    Time for a return of gold to the people, in exchange for their “greenbacks.” Then full deregulation of banking and credit. And, yes, free banking means the end of the entitlement state.

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