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Discussion: (9 comments)

  1. Guess Biden was out illegally blasting his shotgun off the front porch all those times Obama was scolding the nation how we are our “brother’s keeper.” (Somebody tell that to George Obama.) Speaking of that biblically out-of-context quote, Revered Wright’s daughter is heading to the slammer for milking funds out of a charity she ran. The charity name is… “We Are Our Brother’s Keeper.”

    What an excellent crew for demonstrating the true nature of liberal compassion.

    1. Revered Wright’s daughter is heading to the slammer for milking funds out of a charity she ran“…

      Her chickens were coming home to roost

      Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

      1. LMAO!

  2. hennorama

    Dr. Perry, your projections of the “Average Charity for Bidens’ AGI” are silly and misleading. You used the exact same approx. 2.5% rate for EVERY YEAR, based solely on calculations made by Forbes staffer William Baldwin, which were based on data for a SINGLE TAX YEAR – 2008.

  3. Biden is a slum lord so he can afford to give some more to charity if he wants to…

    Landlord Joe Biden pocketed $26,400 in 2012 renting cottage to the Secret Service

  4. To be fair to Biden, you didn’t count how much of my money he gives to charity.

    1. Exactly!

  5. hennorama

    Dr. Perry, thank you for updating your post. Accuracy is important.

    Further points: Your repeated references and link to “IRS data for tax year 2010 via Forbes” takes one to the same post by Forbes staffer William Baldwin, who wrote “The published IRS statistics are for the 2008 tax year,” NOT for 2010.

    Secondly, your headline “Vice-President Biden is becoming a lot more generous than Senator Biden, but is still 25% below average for his income” is also inaccurate in that the Bidens filed joint income tax returns, and BOTH VP Biden and Dr. Jill Biden reported income, including Dr. Biden’s 2012 earnings of over $82K from Northern Virginia Community College. Therefore, their income is not solely “his income”.

    Again, thank you for updating your post.

  6. The important thing to note is that they gave to charity, they didn’t donate their extra money to government. As this page notes:
    “If you wish to help people: you donate to a charity, you don’t give extra money to the government. Last year president Obama gave more money to private charities than he paid in federal income tax. Even the head of our government felt it was better to give his money to charities than to the government he manages. ”

    As that page details, government does a poor job of helping people, Census data on poverty shows it spends a few times as much on anti-poverty programs as it would cost to simply give everyone a check to bring them above the poverty level. A better approach would be to introduce competition into the system by making charity a tax credit to force government to compete for your money, similar to the intent of a school voucher. Variations on that theme on that page.

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