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  1. I think when it is asserted that food trucks are being unfairly penalized compared to bricks/mortar restaurants and the narrative proceed to say that crony capitalism is the reason behind it – that it’s not the whole simple reality.

    Who eats at a food truck when the weather is nasty or they need to go to the bathroom?

    the Restaurant has to maintain a premises that provides more than just food-to-mouth-while-you-stand – facilities that cost money. Water/sewer hooks up cost money and disposal of trash costs money and property taxes are paid to maintain sidewalks and streets and police and fire protection.

    who is going to pay to provide these things? In brick/mortar restaurants, the patrons do – embedded in the price of their meal.

    do street vendors pay, for instance, their share of maintaining the streets and sidewalks or police and fire?

    where do people put their trash when they are done? does it go into receptacles that are then picked up and emptied by someone who is not paid for by the street vendors?

    1. what ya on about mate?

  2. #eatin

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