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Discussion: (9 comments)

  1. I don’t want to sound harsh, but this sounds kind of rambling… I can’t really follow the logic in the argument.

  2. You are not alone.
    He did not have a teleprompter.
    I think that when the tough
    questions come the tendency is
    to not step on too many toes.
    Reading a transcript is much
    better than a video.

  3. The real point of the Gates comment is that the US education system, firmly in the hands of liberal establishment, has placed the nation’s future in jeopardy. But that is not a bad thing if that was the unstated goal.

  4. William Driver

    Mr. Gates, billionaire extraordinaire, is really naive, is he not? “Nobody is suggesting that the federal government will, even in this area, which is not curriculum, dictate these things.” That’s what governments do best, ‘dictate these things.’

    Will not someone rid us of men and women such as these?

    1. Seattle Sam

      You might recall Hubert Humphrey saying he would eat his hat if the Civil Rights Act of 1964 were used to justify racial quotas in business. Once government gets its foot in the door, the door will open as wide as possible.

  5. 1. What a softball question. How about, “You obviously have confidence Common Core will improve achievement because you’ve bankrolled almost the entire project. On what evidence are you basing that decision?” Or “You’ve spent millions to persuade lawmakers to support Common Core. Does that spending and advocacy countermand the democratic process?”

    2. So state regulatory capture is bad…and the answer is national regulatory capture? Logic, please!

  6. So he argued in favor of his idealized vision, rather than what we actually got. Right?

  7. Like a friend of mine used to say if he heard someone speaking gibberish:… head full of duckbutter! He’s either a ‘well-meaning’ Idiot or…something more nefarious ( see Joy, Charlie & Greg’s posts)

    Here is a video explaining how states got bribed into accepting cc at a later date.

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