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Discussion: (4 comments)

  1. Max Planck

    Crazier still was his plot to populate phony “think tanks” with numb skulls and parrots.

    It’s in my next book: “The AEI- On the Origins of the Specious.”

    1. Linda Denno

      Yes, because we all know how intelligent, capable, honest, trustworthy, and talented Joe Biden is–must be right-wing speciousness….

      Any intelligent person understands that Biden is Obama’s own insurance policy against the impeachment he so richly deserves. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that Biden as president is as scary a prospect as Charlie Sheen, although Sheen usually makes more sense.

  2. I swear. Just when I think the right and AEI cannot get any weirder, they do.

  3. People criticizing AEI for posting this piece are missing the point – Osama’s rant merely confirms the Osama Bin Elvis argument – that Bin Laden was not the mastermind of international terrorism so often portrayed but was just a spoiled Saudi rich kid playing terrorist.

    Al Qaida – the real Al Qaida waging war against the West – was always the typical terrorist group – a mercenary army of other states (like Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and Ayatollah-led Iran).

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