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Discussion: (2 comments)

  1. Khaled Aslam

    Mr.Dhume, it is not about Advani’s ambition to become the PM. It is incorrect to paint his opposition to anointing Modi on those lines. Let me quote that I read which captures the so called ‘sulk’ of Advani accurately.

    “LK Advani may be the last voice of reason in a party that seems consumed by the hype surrounding a man who has done little for the party except in one state. Advani knows that on a national front Modi may not be the force he is projected to be, and in the Gujarat Chief Minister’s case he has earned a reputation that precedes him, and could well damage ties and alliances even before they are formed. Other BJP leaders may see the pitfalls of elevating Modi to a point from which there is no return for the party, but few have the influence or power to prevent it. Advani, irrespective of Modi’s supporters admit it or not, is one of the few leaders who can be a stumbling block for Modi. Whether Advani is the voice of reason or not, only time will tell, but in a party where few seem to be able to express their frank opinion regarding Modi, it is important for the party to have a counter-weight to the Gujarat Chief Minister to ensure the party has some allies by the time the next elections come around ”

    What Modi represents may be music for the BJP cadres but they alone don’t vote in elections to help bring the seats. It will be suicidal for BJP to fall into the trap of Modi hype and embark on a election strategy that is sure to result in NDA losing yet one more opportunity to defect UPA. The Modi bhakts are barking up the wrong tree by attributing Advani’s opposition to his ambition to become PM. Nopes, that isn’t the case however much you may a Modi fan.

  2. trupt_inlaw

    With reference to what Mr Aslam has written, I think BJP has taken a gamble and projected Modi , and will cross the bridge regarding alliances when the time comes depending on the numbers. So what Advani is doing is putting his own ego before the party.

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