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  1. My goodness, you’re naive. ‘Strict scrutiny’, much like a ‘secure border’, is in the eyes of the beholder. What keeps a judge from declaring that an affirmative action policy does meets that standard?

  2. OK, but are we still in the position that the GOAL is “reaching campus diversity”? Why?

    It is impossible to produce an organization that is both composed of the best and the brightest students (and teachers?) and also has a study body whose races and sexes correspond directly to the mix in the general public without establishing and enforcing quotas.

    But since the courts also don’t like quotas, schools, and other organizations, have to go through this farce of pretending that they don’t discriminate in favor of certain groups at the expense of applicants who are better qualifed. Imagine what the NBA would be like if no team could have more than 11% of its players black. When are we going to simply throw out ANY system of selection that considers ANYTHING other than objective qualifications?

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