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  1. There is nothing worse than a leader-less America. The world crumbles when the US fails to show leadership.

  2. I am astounded with the medias refusal, even now two days after the first attacks, to call these actions terrorism and their insistence it has somethnig to do with a movie that isn’t out and all we have is a trailer. The media is even more apologetic than our politicians.

  3. Melissa Bradshaw-Mack

    The President’s (and drunk media’s, etc.) political correctness & unwillingness to call a terrorist a terrorist is a greater threat to our existence, collectively & individually, than any attack on Americans regardless of location. Does the White House REALLY think that if we don’t call people “names” the radicals will be reformed, we will no longer be looked upon as infidels, and everyone will suddenly start playing together nicely? Give me a break! The world needs a strong & decisive America, not a humbled & financially crippled America. And America needs a leader who doesn’t move the goal post every time a different special interest group comes onto the field and petitions for his blessing. Obama might be able to charm his supporters & the PC media into drinking his Nobel-Peace-Prize- flavored Cool Aide, but he doesn’t have a wing & a prayer with these guys. They’re not thirsty for anything he has to offer because it’s too weak! Let’s please get Obama out of office before it’s too late for America to recover, much less for us to survive. AMEN!

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