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Discussion: (2 comments)

  1. This is great. I’m often quite critical of AEI but Mr Rubin is generally a good analyst and on the Iraqi Kurds he is undoubtedly an expert.

    So many thanks for this informative primer.

  2. Dear Rubin thanks for your analyze
    I have some comments:
    1- Dr. Fuad Masum; according to reliable source, now Masum is very sick and he can not play as president. Also he is under attack via Kurdistan opposition parties, because of his relatives corruption activities inside Iraq.
    2- Barham Salih; Iranian regime and Democratic Party of Kurdistan, they have strong Veto against Dr. Barham. Iran afraid from Salih, because they see him as an “American Mole” in Iraqi politics and Barzani’s family aganist him because he is the only alternative for Hoshyar Zebari and for Nechirvan Barzani.
    3- Hero Ibrahim Ahmed; she is wife of President Talabani and she is came from the very famous family. Herokhan, now, she is head of the Patriotic Union brunch in Slemani city and she is running whats remain from PUK in that area. Herokhan, now, one of the most powerful candidate for replacing Talabani.
    4- We believe that, PUK wants to give-up from the presidency to an-Nujafi or take Zebari’s possession, however, KDP wants to take the presidency’s possession by Zebari.

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