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  1. R. T. Greenwood

    A basket of goods and services is a basket of goods and services. Prices presented to the market and borne by the market ARE the price increases. THERE ARE NO ADJUSTMENTS TO PRICES PAID BY THE MARKET. You cannot manipulate the basket of goods to achieve a phony inflation number.

    This manipulative mentality says that if beef goes up 1% then throw out beef and put chicken in the basket. The next month chicken rises 1% and they say put beef back on the basket. The nut jobs will tell you that the net inflation is 0%!!!! It is not. Both beef and chicken have risen 1% so the net inflation in 1%.

    This lame a$$ mentality on inflation has “justified” the Fed’s massive excess liquidity and all the investment bubbles. The housing bubble was facilitated by the massive liquidity associated with the failure of our politicians to use the true inflation rate.

    All of the inflation manipulation is a ruse to cut spending. You cut spending by goddamn stopping the spending!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT BY MANIPULATING INFLATION CALCULATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. R. T. Greenwood

    And let me add that Social Security did not add a g—damn dime to this 14+ trillion deficit. So stop manipulating inflation to screw social security recipients to pay for the most poorly managed entity in the history of the world– the U.S. Government.

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