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Discussion: (3 comments)

  1. Cromulent

    Don’t worry. Tom Friedman says everything will be fine.

  2. David Dunn

    Working with Chinese industries, particularly electricity generation, the only changes I am seeing is more price pressure on new plant construction due to the anti-corruption campaign. Low prices are related to low quality, so we can expect new coal-fired power stations to have no better availability, life span, energy efficiency or emissions than the older plants they replace.

  3. David Dunn

    The thesis of this article reminds me of an article I saw a few years ago that public health professionals were advising health care providers to forget about testing for heart disease and focus on risk factors. In other words the cost of frequent cardiovascular tests would better be spent on more prevention: i.e. smoking cessation, health club membership, more healthy foods and the like. With the China economy according to Scissors it’s similar – forget about the economic numbers and look at what changes are being made to improve economic efficiency and reduce government meddling.

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