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  1. Max Planck

    “Exit question: What does the president like about Chuck Hagel?”

    The issues of abortion, gun control and gays will not be under Mr. Hagel’s purview. As far as Israel is concerned, don’t confuse kissing Bibi’s ass with “support for Israel.”

    Not only is that an insult to Jews, but an insult to millions of Israelis.

    Your amateurism, and blind parroting are something to behold. You’re not even a .220 hitter.

    1. Jon Murphy

      The issues of abortion, gun control and gays will not be under Mr. Hagel’s purview.

      That would not be under his purview, but he still needs to be confirmed. Imagine the tough questions Democratic senators would have to face if they voted for this guy. Or Republican, for that matter.

      Remember that a democracy is not a meritocracy. This is not about who is best for the job; it’s about who will look best for the job. It’s all politics. And for that, my boy, you are batting well below the Mendoza Line

      1. Max Planck

        “And for that, my boy, you are batting well below the Mendoza Line”

        So says the nearly homeless 23 year old out his hovel.

    2. Max Planck says “the issues of abortion…will not be under Mr. Hagel’s purview…” Really?

      As the next Secretary of Defense, Hagel will be responsible for providing health care to over 200,000 female soldiers, military wives and their daughters. Military women stationed overseas are often faced with serious logistical, financial and command support problems in accessing safe reproductive health care. Soldiers are required to pay for their own abortions, including the cost of transportation to a safe health care provider, and must be granted a medical leave from their commanding officer.

      When they can’t afford to pay for a flight back to the United States, or have a commanding officer who is hostile to reproductive rights, female service members are left to fend for themselves in countries where they often don’t speak the language. A 2002 General Accounting Office Report on “DOD’s Women’s Health Care” revealed that:

      “In some cases…commanders have not been adequately trained about the importance of women’s basic health care and its effect on readiness.,,,DOD officials said that, lacking this understanding, some commanders may be reluctant to allow active duty members—both men and women—time away from their duty station to obtain health care services—especially if the commander perceives that their time away will negatively affect the primary mission. For active duty women, explaining their specific ailment to their commanding officer (usually male) or appearing like they need special treatment may make them reluctant to seek the care they need.”

      According to a 2011 survey, published in the medical journal Women’s Health Issues, female soldiers “reported facing numerous challenges accessing abortion overseas, including legal and logistical barriers to care in-country, and real or perceived difficulties accessing abortion elsewhere owing to confidentiality concerns, fear of military reprimand for the pregnancy, and the narrow time frame for early abortion.” The survey, “Abortion Restrictions in the U.S. Military: Voices from Women Deployed Overseas,” found that some soldiers resort to life-threatening self-induced abortions to terminate a potentially career ending pregnancy.

      1. Max Planck

        Blame the Hyde Amendment: no Federal $$$ for abortions.

  2. He’s OBVIOUSLY a man of principles who is guided by factors other than kowtowing to every Tom, Dick and Harry specific interest group!

    He’s the opposite of feckless partisanship which seems to be what some would prefer…..


  3. Here’s who does support Chuck Hagel’s nomination and have gone out of their way to make it known.

    Robert Gates, (Secretary of Defense Bush, Obama)
    Colin Powell (Secretary of Defense, Bush)
    James L Jones, (National Security Adviser, Obama)
    Brent Scowcroft (National Security Adviser, HW Bush, Ford)
    Zbigniew Brzezinski (National Security Adviser, Carter)
    Frank Carlucci ((National Security Adviser, Reagan)
    William S. Cohen, Former Secretary of Defense

    Admiral William J. Fallon (Commander, CENTCOM)
    General Lester L Lyles (Vice Chief of Staff, US Air Force)
    Admiral Robert J Natter (Commander, US Atlantic Fleet)
    General Chuck Wald (Deputy Commander, EUCOM)
    General Anthony Zinni (Commander, CENTCOM)
    John Warner, Secretary of the Navy, Nixon/Ford
    Lieutenant General John “Glad” Castellaw
    Lieutenant General Robert G. Gard, Jr.
    Brigadier General Stephen Cheney
    Brigadier General Dr. John H Johns.

    Ambassador Alon Pinkas (Israel’s former Consul General to the USA)

    Nicholas Burns (Under Secretary of State, Former Ambassador to NATO)
    Ryan Crocker (US Ambassador to Afghanistan, Iraq)
    Edward Djerejian (US Ambassador to Israel, Syria)
    William Harrop (US Ambassador to Israel)
    Daniel Kurzter (US Ambassador to Israel, Egypt, GW Bush)
    Sam Lewis (US Ambassador to Israel)
    William H. Luers (US Ambassador to Venezuela, Czechoslovakia)
    Thomas R. Pickering (US Ambassador to Israel, Russia)
    Frank G. Wisner (US Ambassador to India, Egypt)

    Tom Ridge, Head of Dept. of Homeland Security, GW Bush
    Paul Volcker, Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve
    James Wolfensohn, Former President of World Bank Group
    Carla Hills, Former USTA Representative

    Anybody see the difference in quality between this and the list Danny Pletka drew up?

    Here’s also by the way what Hagel is. A Vietnam veteran and two-time Purple Heart winner, one after taking a chest full of shrapnel. Another difference maybe from the shrill chicken hawks who Pletka considers to be “everyone”

    1. re: the list who supports:


      Not a SINGLE NeoCon in that list!

      oh oh!

      1. Are you questioning the fact that the neocons are so concerned with abortion rights, gay rights, and gun control? On those issues they seem to have a lot more in common with the left, from which they came, than the right, which they have dominated.

  4. Can someone answer this question: Whom has Chuck Hagel not offended?

    There’s the GOP… Let’s face it, no one likes an apostate.

    That is one point in his favour. This is the same GOP that picked an unprincipled fool like Romney as its candidate.

    There are the Jews and the pro-Israel community (which is made up of Jews, and yes, Christians).

    I was not aware than the Jewish and Christian communities were represented by one group and held the same views. And shouldn’t you be worried about what the American voters think?

    There’s the LGBT community.

    He will have to change and like openly gay generals and ambassadors just like other Republicans.

    But wait, there are others: Pro-defense? Not Hagel.

    Your link shows that he is not as supportive of the military industry, which has robbed taxpayers for decades, as other possible candidates who see no problem with spending around one half of all tax revenues on defense related activities. As far as I am concerned that is the biggest reason why he should get the job.

    Soldiers who believe in the wars you’ve fought? Not Hagel.

    How many wars have you fought in Danielle? And haven’t you heard of bad wars? The trouble is not Hagel, although he has some qualities that would disqualify him in my book, but people like you and the neoconservatives who want more wars and more debt.

    Pro-choice? Not Hagel. (A zero from NARAL Pro-choice America. Really Chuck? Really? Against servicewomen being allowed to pay for their own abortions?)

    Why should the taxpayers pay for any abortions? Since when is it a virtue to support an activity that you consider a vice at best, and most likely a crime?

    For gun control? Not Hagel. (An A from the NRA? Nice.)

    Why would anyone support the gun control legislation that violates the constitution? People have the right to own guns and Hegel seems to support that right.

    But surely for an assault weapons ban? Nope.

    Calling a dog a cat does not make it one. You cited a bill that would ban semi-automatics. Assault weapons, which are automatic, are already illegal. Is such outright deception a sing of arrogance or ignorance? Either way, it does not paint a good picture so I suggest that you have someone check before you post.

    Exit question: What does the president like about Chuck Hagel?

    Probably the fact that he will do what he is told, just like every other member of the Cabinet does. But you could get lucky and Hegel could figure out a way to bring the troops back and cut military spending by around 80% or so.

  5. R. Ibraheem

    I listened to Pletka on NPR today and could not understand why she is nationalist. And if you are a nationalist, why worry about Hagel with twsisted report of his statement on Israel? Our country has been saturated with more with Israel policies rather than our internal problems. People like Pletka have censored Amricans in making any oppossing statement about israel government even if know they are tolling towards same idea the Nazis used against them that we all ( around the world) hated. And my exit question is, What do you like Mrs. Pletka?

  6. Benjamin Cole

    The anti-Hagel nuttiness is another sad commentary on how out-of-touch and kooky the right wing has become.

    Dudes, even G former Defense Secy Gates like this guy.

    He was a US Marine.

    The right-wing is beaching a sink for extremists–but not on ideological extremists. They would be consistent.

    The GOP is becoming a refuge for cronyists. The ethanol pinkos, the Defense-Homeland Security-VA snufflers, the rural subsidy queens, with some gun nuts and anti-abortionists tossed in.

    1. Benjamin Cole says: “The anti-Hagel nuttiness is another sad commentary on how out-of-touch and kooky the right wing has become.”

      What’s “kooky” is that every Democratic Senator has endorsed Hagel’s nomination, including staunch reproductive rights advocates like Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), who went so far as to praise ChuckHagel for serving “as a voice of pragmatism and principle” in the Senate.”

      It is difficult to reconcile the Chuck Hagel described by Senator Shaheen with the Chuck Hagel who argued, during his first senate campaign in 1995, that he did not believe that rape or incest were necessary exceptions to laws prohibiting abortion. An article on Hagel’s abortion record by Adam Serwer in last December’s Mother Jones cited Hagel’s matter-of-fact statement that “if I want to prevent abortions, I don’t think those two exceptions are relevant.”

      It is also difficult to reconcile Senator Shaheen’s pragmatization of Hagel with a twelve year Senate voting record that was an anti-choice crusade against the ability of American women to access safe reproductive health care. Senator Hagel’s more notorious anti-choice votes include his 2005 vote against spending $100 million to reduce teen pregnancy by education and contraception. According to the 2005, 2006 and 2008 “Congressional Record on Choice,” NARAL’s member of Congress scorecard on reproductive rights, Senator Hagel consistently received a “0” score because of his extreme anti-choice voting record. It is not surprising that he also received a 94% score from the National Right to Life Committee.

      Pro-choice advocates supporting the nomination of a staunch anti-choice zealot. Now that’s kooky.

  7. The president does not like Chuck, he likes what he can do for the country. He does not run a government based on love or hate. He runs a government determined to deliver for the people.

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