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  1. Thelonious

    It should also be pointed out that Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and every Democrat in the House and Senate supported Obama’s decision to abandon Iraq, not get involved in Syria and not oppose Putin. That includes the “high cheek boned” Native American Lizzie Warren who is the favorite of the far, far left.

    1. It should be pointed out that the current Secretary of State, Kerry, the last Secretary of State, Clinton, and the current Vice President, Biden, all supported George W. Bush’s invasion.

      That should have produced awareness that it was a bad idea.

  2. And it should also be noted how many of the Democrats were for the Iraq war before and after Bush took as back there in March 2003.

    “We stopped the fighting [in 1991] on an agreement that Iraq would take steps to assure the world that it would not engage in further aggression and that it would destroy its weapons of mass destruction. It has refused to take those steps. That refusal constitutes a breach of the armistice which renders it void and justifies resumption of the armed conflict.”

    Senator Harry Reid (Democrat, Nevada)
    Addressing the US Senate
    October 9, 2002
    Congressional Record, p. S10145

    “People can quarrel with whether we should have more troops in Afghanistan or internationalize Iraq or whatever, but it is incontestable that on the day I left office, there were unaccounted for stocks of biological and chemical weapons.”

    Former President Clinton
    During an interview on CNN’s “Larry King Live”
    July 22, 2003

    “I come to this debate, Mr. Speaker, as one at the end of 10 years in office on the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, where stopping the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction was one of my top priorities. I applaud the President on focusing on this issue and on taking the lead to disarm Saddam Hussein. … Others have talked about this threat that is posed by Saddam Hussein. Yes, he has chemical weapons, he has biological weapons, he is trying to get nuclear weapons.”

    Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (Democrat, California)
    Addressing the US House of Representatives
    October 10, 2002
    Congressional Record, p. H7777

  3. As long as foreign military expeditions our financed purely and without borrowing by corporate income taxes, I think the U.S. public will show toleration.

  4. Hillary Clinton is a classic liberal interventionist, and understand the politics of espousing it.

    The only push-back she is likely to get from a Republican is that she doesn’t intervene enough.

    People will be skeptical of her plans for adventures, but they will be even more concerned about the Republican who claims that she doesn’t want enough of them.

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