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  1. SeattleSam

    It can’t be perfectly natural. That would imply that there are differences between men and women, and we can’t abide by that outdated notion.

  2. Prof. Perry,

    While your logic is airtight, you still seem to think they care about logical flaws in their claims.

    Years of such logic being presented to them proves that they do not. Women are about emotion, not logic. They will never stop demanding special treatment in the name of ‘equality’, no matter how much logic is presented to them.

    This is merely how women filter for which man is a pushover, and which man is not. This is how women decide who to take resources from (the former) and who to be attracted to (the latter).

    1. …and we all know how men filter for which woman is a pushover.

  3. The problem is with the definition of “parity” (it is not what men think it is).

    “Close to Parity” is when the salaries/benefits of all men is similar to salaries/benefits of all women (and when the number of women getting STEM degree is equal to that of men). “Almost Parity” is when women earn more than men in all disciplines (including STEM). And “Parity” is when women make it difficult for men to get STEM degrees and start doing to men what men did to women in the past. Turnabout is fair play – and so no domination means no parity. Companies and educational institutions can start this process by arbitrarily lowering the salaries of all STEM employees/instructors (except those that are women) and increasing the salaries of all NON STEM employees/instructors.

  4. Citizen B.

    “1. Women earned 57.2% of all bachelor’s degrees in 2011, which also means that there were almost 134 women in that year’s graduating class for every 100 men.”

    This disparity should be a national shame but the narrative drumbeat does not recognize facts.

    1. There are two narrative drumbeats; both the left and right have one. The nice thing is that “tuning out” these narrative drumbeats is easy and keeps the panties from bunching up… which is what it seeks to do.

  5. When there is so much concern on why female are under-represented in STEM fields I think that is because (even if they don’t recognize it), feminist are male chauvinist. It seems that they think: “If men don’t study, say, library science or nursery is beacuse those are very boring disciplines (women’s disciplines!) so no men would like to study that; but if women don’t study STEM disciplines, is because men don’t allow them. If not, every women would like to study those disciplines because they are very interesting ones (men’s disciplines!)

    1. It has nothing to do with what’s “interesting,” which is subjective anyway. It is about pay:

      “Almost half of workers with bachelor’s degrees in STEM fields out-earn workers with Ph.D.’s in other fields… That doesn’t mean people with STEM degrees are necessarily working in those fields, says center Director Anthony Carnevale, the lead author of the report. He says technical skills have ‘become the common currency of the labor market,’ much the same way a liberal arts education was seen as a basic requirement for high-paying jobs in past years… people with a bachelor’s degree in a STEM major make roughly $500,000 more over their lifetimes than non-STEM majors.” – US News Stem Education

      Follow the money. Combine Mark’s stats with these STEM pay stats and you see why the women’s groups always harp on STEM. They’ve managed to get the number of female degree-holders up by creating a bunch of bullshit degrees, but the market is valuing those degrees at the appropriate price, low.

      I think this is all much arguing about nothing, as almost all degrees are worthless, STEM or not, and all these colleges will go bankrupt soon, with nobody caring about any degrees after that.

  6. Dan in Philly

    Total difference: 247,648

    Biggest differences:
    Health 100,358 – far more nurses in the world than doctors. This is quite reasonable as nursing is far more friendly to being a mom than doctoring is.

    Education: 61K Similarly, being a teacher is far more friendly to being a mom than most careers.

    Psychology: 54K A useless degree which only proves you have gone to college. Maybe you can get a family friendly social services job with this, but nothing in the business world.

    Communication: 22K – See Phychology

    Visual and Performing Arts: 22K Ditto

    English Language and literature: 19K – I think you see were I’m going here…

    Men are far more likely to either enroll in college for something that will actually improve their earning power in the long run such as Engineering and IT, careers which do not as easily lend themselves to stopping for a few years to raise some young uns. Men are far more likely to support such children with their higher paying jobs, jobs which require much more time away from home than most women are willing to commit to.

    The other fields such as liaberal arts, Language, etc, are dominated by women because of the constant drumbeat women are told that the MUST GET A COLLEGE DEGREE!!!!! Men if they aren’t going to college for tangible benefits are far more likely to skip it alltogether, rather than sacrifice 4 or 5 years of earning power and tens of thousands of dollars on what is nothing but fluff.

    If women made the same cost benefit analysis as men, there would be far more balance in the college world.

  7. Multi/interdisciplinary studies”?…

    Double major?

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