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  1. Max Planck

    “So, there you have it. For want of a strategic bone in their body, administration officials are about ready to return Afghanistan to a Hobbesian state of nature, a situation in which “a war of all against all” becomes the everyday reality and the immense sacrifices of American and allied militaries over the past decade to stabilize that country may well be for naught.”

    No, HERE we have it: the conceit that there is anything the US could do to “stabilize” this savage culture. It’s like Mississippi- forever wrapped in ignorance and poverty, and the locals LIKE it that way.

  2. It’s none of our business what happens in Afghanistan; if they want to set fire to their own country, that’s their affair.

  3. boots-on-the-ground nation building = sliced and diced cannon fodder for the USA young people.

    every one of these kids that get sent over there is changed forever in their minds and bodies and for what ultimate purpose?

    A POX on all NeoCons and their brethren who infect our Country.

  4. Our only legitimate concern was the Afghan government’s open acceptance of terrorist training camps at which people planning to attack the US were acquiring more skills.

    Other than that, the Afghans need to sort out their own affairs, and the US Government can help by pressuring Pakistan to reduce Pakistani support for Taliban in Afghanistan.

    Bush never came up with an exit strategy, nor any objective definition of what “win” might mean. So, as with Vietnam and Somalia, we should declare success as quickly as possible and bring all of our people home.

    10,000 “trainers” will be a large enough number to ensure that hundreds of Americans will die every year they remain. And much too small a number to interfere with Afghans killing each other over tribal feuds and profits from the heroin trade.

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