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Discussion: (53 comments)

  1. SeattleSam

    Had he been an adjunct professor of economics he might have understood what happens to demand for something when you increase its cost.

    1. Excellent and succinct.

    2. texas tim

      Seattle Sam, I would hope that you were correct. But would Paul Krugman?

    3. Nah, he was a Con Law adjunct and you can see how much he knows about the Constitution.

    4. Leslie Gonzales

      Destroying the complete moral fiber of our country.As if we are not illerterate enough as well. And this is only the beginning!

    5. Don’t hold your breath on that one. My intro to microeconomics professor was on the editorial board of “Rethinking Marxism”. They’ve infiltrated everywhere.

    6. true democrat

      guess they didn’t donate enough to get a waiver, so sad

  2. The problem here is that this policy will further reduce the possibility of any particular student having a non-marxist professor. The full-time tenure track profs have to be hard left to get tenure. The only possibility of sneaking a non-leftist into the front of the classroom is through adjuncts who carefully keep their politics hidden from the view of the administration (I speak from experience). Expect adherence to leftist ideology to be the main criterion in the decision on who stays full time and who gets their insurance taken away.

    Of course, no professor works 29 hours a week in the classroom. And there’s no clock on prep time. So how does an administration know exactly how many hours ANY professor works in a week?

  3. Surfcat50

    I was fortunate enough to obtain an MBA from a small private college. Though that hardly renders me an expert on economics or business, I was even more fortunate to learn truths that have served me well in both. I learned a heck of a lot from an adjunct professor, evenings after we’d both finished work, the same as most, if not all the students.

    I learned and retained such principles at night and confirmed their truth during the day, at work. One great learning opportunity was when Ed Hecker pointed out to me Tuesday evening that Black Monday was a historic buying opportunity in the stock market, the likes of which we’d probably not see again for many years.

    Ed Hecker could have explained the results described above within minutes of obtaining the details, maybe because he didn’t need a passport to visit the real world.

    Dr. Hecker, thanks for the lessons and laughs!

  4. “I think it goes against the spirit of the [health-care] law,” Mr. Balla said.

    Hey, Mr. Balla, all of Obamacare was passed without any regard to the spirit of our nation’s laws. Using budget reconciliation to jam a new entitlement down the country’s throat over the protestations of nearly 70% of the population?

    Mr. Balla, you voted for it, now live with it…for the rest of your life.

    1. To this comment I will only exclaim “Bravo, Bravo!”.

  5. Eric English

    Dear Adjunct Professor Bella,
    You say the cuts go against the spirit of the law.

    The law goes against the spirit of America. Now go amend your thinking and your ways and educate the masses on how flawed you and your brethren have been.

  6. Jimbo the Coastie

    Some people have been educated beyond common sense. Let the professors do their research on the TINSTAAFL economic theory (there is no such thing as a free lunch). If these are the people staffing the Obama administration, we’re in big trouble.

    1. While your point is completely valid, let’s not give libs the opportunity to avoid facing the truth of it by allowing them to divert the discussion. Ever since Clinton, their favorite course in arguing important issues is to parse every detail and argue about minutia……so I’ll go ahead and correct your slight misquote.

      The actual principle is “TANSTAAFL” standing for “There AIN’T No Such Thing As A Free Lunch”, coined by Robert A. Heinlein in the book “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”, and it addresses a heck of a lot more than just economics!

      And your point is still valid.

  7. 1775Concord

    Obama was not an adjunct “professor.” He was a LECTURER, a non tenure track position not even as high as assistant professor.
    There are some interesting comments from “fellow” faculty members who scarcely ever saw him. Not a position gained on merit.

  8. While this certainly brings a smile to my face now, it sadly won’t last long. These adjunct professors will soon be on the front lines screaming that this serves up the proof that we must, MUST, have single payer state run medical care for all. Alas, it looks like the utter destruction of the best, most innovative health care system on earth, will come even sooner than we thought.

    1. CallMeAnn

      Yes, 1775Concord, my thought was that if we think this will serve as any kind of lesson to anyone, we are ignoring the Orwellian nature of the discussion on this issue. Before long, the fact that the nasty states have cut funding to the colleges will be to blame and the new state Health Care Exchanges will get the credit for stepping in to fill the void.

  9. Energyguy

    Oh, how I love it! These gilded lillies in academia are finally learning about the real world. You’re public employees…so what? Obamacare law applies to ALL, regardless of affiliation. Furthermore, the law of economics also applies to you, Mr. Balla. You are learning that capital, like EVERYTHING in nature, follows the path of least resistance. How sweet it is.

  10. He did not teach constitutional law. His class was about racism and the law. Here’s the syllabus and final exam. Pretty funny.

  11. As the great American philosopher Nelson Muntz explains, “HAH-ha!”

  12. Just another Progressive living in LaLaLand of the protective non-competitive cocoon of government. being forced to join the real world where money really does not grow on trees and yes, sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.

    I am just happy as heck it is affecting those that supported such Socialist/Fascist are the ones getting hammered.

    Of course the next thing will be a call for higher taxes.

  13. Left wing scum deserve it. Hope you start tasting the misery that the rest of us have to experience as a result of left-wing leadership.

  14. Mitch van Biljon

    As an economist I must add that this outcome was clearly known beforehand by the scum in DC. Any economist not aware of this outcome is frankly a moron and would never qualify to be a lecturer let alone a professor. This is planned and the issue is not about health it is about control, plain and simple.

    Anyone who supports obamacare with knowledge of the outcome needs to be shot not criticized.

  15. Wonderful. Now education is following the American business model: hire a few full timers, a ton of part timers, and treat them as commodities. It’s poisonous, greedy, and will lead to an even greater amount of people asking for government assistance. It isn’t Obama that is doing this, it is the American business model where the only people making money are the CEO and his board. Everyone else gets screwed.

    1. Owen Glendower

      “Wonderful. Now education is following the American business model: hire a few full timers, a ton of part timers, and treat them as commodities. It’s poisonous, greedy, and will lead to an even greater amount of people asking for government assistance. It isn’t Obama that is doing this, it is the American business model where the only people making money are the CEO and his board. Everyone else gets screwed.”

      Will a combination of full-timers and part-timers reduce a company’s cost of labor? If so, any CEO who DIDN’T take this step would be terminated by “his” board for incompetence…and rightly so.

      I occasionally find myself reading an article bashing Wal-Mart. Every time, I am shocked, SHOCKED to learn that Wal-Mart is aggressive about holding down their costs, labor included.

    2. logical thinker

      1) These people had more hours before Obamacare kicked in.
      2) Their hours are cut due to the the expense of complying with Obamacare.

      So how is this not Obama’s fault?

  16. Seems Libs are being hoisted on their own petard.

    What goes around is found, later, sticking in your back!

  17. Paul Avery

    Wow, reading this article and the comments of its sycophantic readers, one would think that university faculty make up the rotten underbelly of our nation, rather than being the reason why our higher education system is the envy of the world. That’s right, look up any list of top 100 universities in the world and you’ll see that it’s dominated by American ones. If you still think US universities are dens of iniquity, then send your kids to University of Phoenix or other for-profit schools. You’ve got lots of choices.

    For what it’s worth, adjuncts live very financially insecure lives and universities too easily exploit them. Dumping on them in this forum looks dumb, like blaming the sales clerk for high prices. It’s worth remembering that neither adjuncts nor professors brought on the Great Recession.

    Another comment: Our health care system is the worst among first-world nations in terms of coverage and cost. That was true before the ACA was passed in 2010, but at least the ACA will make a positive difference. American medicine has lost its way in terms of its commitment to people and service.

    1. SouthofReality

      The Stupid is strong in this one. He demonstrates Stage II of Progressive Stupidity. In Progressive Stupidity Phase I, any news of the failure of the ACA is ignored (‘la-la-la, can’t HEAR you. The ACA is WONDERFUL!). In Phase II, the failures of the ACA are explained away as being better than doing nothing. In Phase III, when the ACA is shown to be a total screw up, the response will be to praise the government for trying and then say, “they just didn’t go far enough.” Which leads into the next phase of Progressive Stupidity which invokes the age-old adage: “Government grows through failure.”

    2. 1. What makes the readers “sycophantic” here? What does any of them have to gain by agreeing with a blog post?

      2. America’s top universities are at the top because they excel in admitting highly motivated, ambitious young people. Whether they actually learn anything useful other than how to take advantage of alumni connections is a matter for debate.

      3. Adjuncts ARE poor, no doubt. But where else can a Marxist get a job?

      4. That canard about our health care system being worst among first world nations is the result of published academic studies, which always “prove” what the study set out to prove – or it wouldn’t be published. More medical advances come from America than anywhere else in the world.

    3. Kingfisher

      “For what it’s worth, adjuncts live very financially insecure lives and universities too easily exploit them.”

      Ah, so professors are exploited by the “greedy” universities…universities which embrace liberal values. Check.

      “If you still think US universities are dens of iniquity, then send your kids to University of Phoenix or other for-profit schools. You’ve got lots of choices.”

      Yeah, such as “gay studies,” “feminist studies,” all those courses which will help you be productive in the world. I hear the porn courses are a big favorite.

      “Dumping on them in this forum looks dumb, like blaming the sales clerk for high prices.”

      Aren’t these professors supposed be the ‘cream of the crop?’ You mentioned that we have the best universities in the world so why didn’t these elitist professors predict what the vast majority of the “non-learned” people knew?

      “Another comment: Our health care system is the worst among first-world nations in terms of coverage and cost.”

      Actually, it isn’t but explaining facts would e pointless because you’re too stupid to accept them. Many people throughout the world come to our hospitals because of our great health care. The ACA ruined that.

    4. Paul Avery

      My, such venom in these replies, not to mention the gratuitous attacks on my intelligence for questioning poorly-argued attacks on the US university system or for pointing out terrible deficiencies in our health care coverage and cost. The latter comment, by the way, implied nothing about our outstanding record in medical research, which I can’t help but point out is a direct result of our excellent university system and the people it educates and the research it conducts. That record is not just because of the excellent students that pass through the system, because excellent students exist everywhere, but because of the high quality of the faculty and rigorous use of standards, as well as its commitment to questioning beliefs and long-held assumptions. It is this last quality that makes people in the larger society uncomfortable.

      Denigrating comments about “Marxists”, “gay studies” and “feminist studies” are merely appeals to like-minded people lacking direct knowledge of what academic research is about. Sarcastic mentions of “academic studies” are also not informed, especially considering that academic peer-reviewed studies are far more rigorous than studies produced in the private sector which are heavily influenced by financial interests.

  18. Kerri Dillon

    They can get a job at Taco Bell or Wal Mart to make up the difference of pay loss! “… And now back to our regularly scheduled program – For Whom The Bell Tolls!”

  19. Clint Jurgens

    Mr. Balla: “…we should be the first ones to uphold the law, to set the example.” Seems like the actions of the school are complying with the law, and they are setting an example. No matter what you may think about American health care and its failings or its strengths, the ACA is a terrible piece of legislation.

  20. Useless eater

    I had held it to be true that “The trouble with educated people is that you can’t teach them anything”. Snap quiz soon, administered by the triage nurse, totaling 100% of your health care grade.

  21. I love this article!

  22. How noble of Professor Balla to bravely volunteer our money to pay for his insurance. If he’s really working for the public good and not just for his own good, I’m sure he’ll have no qualms about making sacrifices similar to those the rest of us private, working citizens have endured from the Obama regime of economic error.

  23. orlandocajun

    Confused Professors…No there’s redundancy

  24. If you lived in the business world, you would have known. And it only gets worse from here.

  25. Jim Harper

    Please verify that professors are “confused” as you claim. You seemed to have added that on your own. Also, that all adjunct professors are the only ones affected…you conveniently put in a […] where actually, those in that … are a much larger portion of employees affected than adjunct professors…basically, making your statement a deceptive lie. Part time admins, assistants, etc. – non-professorial class. Why are you promoting class warfare (professors are evil because they liked obama)?

  26. AuntieEster

    I love it. One Marxist shafting the rest of the Marxists!

    1. Gladys Whipple Hurtis

      I love it too. I even loved it more when I realized that the fast food organizations set the trend and the colleges have followed. hahahhahahahahahaha We told you so.

  27. craig nichols

    This is wonderfull, they are getting excatly what they asked for.

  28. Great thing that they feel the impact. Its fitting since sooo many teachers want to teach their political views to kids rather than sticking to the facts. They have forgotten that the podium they stadn at is there to provide an education and NOT to indoctrinate a generation into any particular way of thinking.
    Anyone responsible for voting obama can take the bite in the wallet on this.

  29. A friend of mine says that a liberal is a conservative who hasn’t been mugged, yet. Let’s hope some leftist professors think they’ve just been pick-pocketed.

    Maybe punctuation would help me understand the article’s headline?

  30. introuble

    This isn’t just the restaurant companies cutting hours. I work for one of the leading movie theatre companies in the country ( Crown as their logo) and they already last year made full time employees go down to part time status. And now talks are underway and they are going to cut all part time employees down to 25 hours. I agree with a post on one site that said people need to start boycotting these companies that are cutting employee hours. These reduction in hours lead to health issues with food being served (if server is sick and cant take off work), customer service in all aspects going down. Basically you won’t be getting the service you pay for anymore. THIS NEEDS TO STOP!!! You think the country is in bad shape now wait till another year goes by and you see where we are at with unemployement, people’s hours cut , etc…

    1. So, introuble, you’re joining in the complain-fest against companies trying to stay solvent. The argument should be made against Obama and big-government. It is not, nor has it ever been, the job of the government to provide insurance coverage. Safety-nets are the responsibility of charitable organizations.

  31. jerome crane

    HELLO—- I find it interesting that there is clear division in our perspectives on the validity of educational achievements/attainments and the people ( tenured or not) who are responsible for this transition. Don’t you get it ? This is not REALLY about either !

  32. I resent the comments from some people who posted assuming that all college professors are Marxists and teach our political views to kids. Are you kidding me? What ignorant remarks those are. I am an adjunct professor in a local college who loves teaching. Do I teach my political views? Heck no. Never have and never will. Did I ask for the Affordable Care Act? No. So don’t tell me I got “what I asked for.” . My teaching hours are being reduced. Yes, I will earn less money but it saddens me that I cannot teach as many classes as I would like since, guess what, I love teaching. Now because of Obama Care, the college will have to hire a multitude of yet more adjunct professors. This in itself will cause a new boatload of problems for the college

  33. Obamunist&IdontCare

    they weren’t confused at any time. they are venal and stupid. the fed gov can have absolutely NOTHING to do with the economy. that was the mistake of the founders and subsequent administrations from the whigs (from which Lincoln the dictator sprung) thru the communist (sorry – progressive) regimes of the 20th century. it only and ever leads to massive corruption which attracts the likes of Obama and Bloomberg. economic controls of any kind can only be imposed at the local level although there should be none, period, ever for the same reason that it leads to corruption among weak people (which most of us will succumb to given the opportunity). Only property owners and others who have a massive stake in economic success should have the franchise (right to vote). unfettered democracy is a disaster. etc etc

  34. videophyle

    Hateful republicans, what a surprise.

    1. John Rodgers

      “Hateful Republicans” ???? Did you read the article? They mention Youngstown State University from the Youngstown , Ohio area. Extremely Left wing Youngstown, Ohio!! Many offices don’t even have a Republican or Conservative candidate on the ticket when it’s time to vote in Youngstown, Ohio!! What you are reading is the direct result of over empowering left wing government LIBERALISM, sponsored by the Democrat Party and the rest of the ignorant.

  35. VirginiaVoter

    What nobody seeems to realize is that even adjuncts who work 30 hours per week are not working 30 hours per week every week, by virtue of the academis calendar. They may work 30 hours over the course of two 16-week semesters, maybe again over an 8-week summer session, but they are NOT working 30 hours per week, 52 weeks of the year. They are, in effect, seasonal employees who should not be subject to the restricted hours of the Affordable Care Act.

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