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  1. Denise Simon

    Finally, someone iin DC is actually talking about this topic? Clearly, the Senate Foreign Relations Cmte and other groups have taken their eye off this situation and it is a big national security issue at our door-step.

  2. Venezuela is backing Iran, no doubt about it, and it is right below the State of Florida, which could experience a first strike. The Obama administration must open its eyes. On the other hand, it is time for President Obama to grant DED – Deferred Enforced Departure, to all Venezuelans in the U.S. most of which do not qualify for asylum but are considered by Chavez and his thugs to be enemies of the Revolution just for the fact they are already living illegally in U.S. soil and supposedly being stealthily trained by the CIA and the U.S. Department of State to overthrow with violence Chavez’s regime and murder the Head of State as soon as they are deported. Sounds like a fantasy but we in ORVEX – Organization of Venezuelans in Exile, have proof of that.

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