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  1. morganovich

    funny, they did not get accepted to sundance.

    1. MacDaddyWatch

      Still waiting for you to post your audited investment results and SEC filings for Manchester. How much of what did you own…and when did you own it and when did you sell?

      Your claimed 12 bagger looks more like a faux bagger and your “track record” appears to be a phony “shuck-‘n-jive record.”

      I’m still waiting.

      1. morganovich


        and i keep waiting for you to stop being an idiot.

        so far, no progress there.

        log onto and look it up.

        manchester explorer fund.

        it’s all there.

        if you are too unsophisticated to go look it up, that is your problem, not mine.

        you have everyhting you need to check my statement and enjoy your nice big glass of shut the hell up.

        the fact that you refuse to do so would seem to imply that you do not want to be proven wrong and that you prefer to grandstand and lie by making ridiculous requests that no sane fund manager would ever accede to in order to avoid actually having to face the data and be exposed as the clown you are.

        what, you expect me to post the financial docs and the trading history of my fund on a public website because some loudmouth know nothing asks for it?

        i doubt you can find a hedge fund that would give its trading record even to its LP’s. that is the meat of what we do. it’s the end product of all our work. and you want it for free? you’re a joke.

        apart from being illegal (you do realize that a hedge fund cannot publicly market its results right? posting all my audited results on a public site would constitute that. i can describe the top line numbers to you because you asked, but the level of granularity involved with posting our audits is illegal. i probably cannot even e-mail them to you. (not that i would trust you with them) are you an accredited/qualified investor? got $5 mil in liquid assets. yeah, prob not.) it would be unbelievably stupid. ohh, let me pass out all our secrets and risk the privacy of my LP’s and get actions brought against me by the SEC all in one fantastic display of stupidity. great plan.

        how about you go first? give us your SS number, all the numbers for your trading accounts, and all your trades. hey, throw in 8 years of tax returns too.


        didn’t think so.

        give it up loudmouth.

        you are just making yourself look like a fool.

        oh, and for the record, you are misquoting me.

        as has been explained to you in painful (and apparently fruitless) detail, since inception in march 2004, the fund is up, net of all fees, 8.99X the returns of the S+P.

        how you get 12 bagger from that, i have no idea.

        we are not up 12X in just under 9 years. no one made that claim. perhaps you do not know what 12 bagger means? the S+P is up 25.99% since our inception.

        9 X .26 is not 12 last i checked.

        are you innumerate or do you just like to lie?

        ever notice how people who call themselves “macdaddy” online never are?


        me too.

        1. MacDaddyWatch

          You ran your mouth…and YOU got caught.

          If you can’t back-up your boastful claim of a 12-bagger with the appropriate facts and data, then that makes you nothing more than some frustrated and unemployed stockbroker with too much time on his hands.

          Until then, just keep on taking your meds and keep on studying for your CFA exam. Meanwhile, there will always be one or two gullible newbie posters who will swallow your horseshlt hook, line and sinker.

          1. morganovich


            do you ever tire of lying?

            1. i never said what you claim.

            2. i have given you a very easy way to verify what i did say. you refuse to do it.

            you are the one who has been caught. go do the work you fake and quit your moronic babble about asking me to post things it’s illegal for me to post as if my not being willing to break the law and wreck my business is somehow proof of results.

            i have led you to water, if you won’t drink, well, that’s up to you.

            you are just a grandstanding liar with punk investment skills who cannot seem to believe that some of us are actually good at this. (like many deluded alleged macdaddys. seriously, your name says it all.)

            i have given you all the info an investor would need to get started. either use it or shut up.

            oh, and learn some basic math. your inability to do basic multiplication is really astounding.

            you do realize that 9 X .26 is not 12, right?

            get a grip son. you have no idea what you are talking about.

            guys who have strong opinions about facts they have never even seen are called idiots.

            i’d tell you to do the math on that, but, well, we’ve all seen your math skills.

          2. morganovich


            please show me where i EVER made a 12 bagger claim.

            bet you can’t.

            that would make you a liar, correct?

          3. morganovich

            oh, and finally:

            “Still waiting for you to post your audited investment results and SEC filings for Manchester.”

            you do realize that hedge funds do not have to make SEC filings on returns, right?

            no, you probably don’t.

            you really have no idea how any of this works, do you?

            we occasionally file 13g’s when we buy more than 5% of a public company and have filed some 13d’s around activist positions, but that’s it.

            do you even know the difference between a hedge fund and a mutual fund?

            probably not.

            we are unregulated by the SEC in terms of reporting, need a prospectus, etc.

            the trade off is we can only market to accredited (and in some cases qualified) investors.

            that means $1mn in liquid assets (or $5 million in the case of qualified).

            to even legally send you my numbers, i would first have to have a signed document from you attesting to the fact that you are an accredited investor.

            NO hedge fund can publish it’s numbers publicly on the web.

            it’s illegal.

            that’s the trade off. we do not market to the public and the SEC does not limit what we can invest in (eg short sales, derivatives, etc)

            for a guy with such a big mouth, you sure seem to lack even a basic understanding of what you are talking about.

            you do not even seem smart/educated enough to realize what a fool you are making of yourself.

  2. MacDaddyWatch

    Fracking has been going on in the USA for some 60 years in locations like Oklahoma and elsewhere. So far so good. Why the sudden hysteria?

    The anti-fracking crowd is the same bunch focused on killing our coal industry. And that too is based on a pathetic HOAX created inside the very same faculty lounges enjoying taxpayer subsidies. Remember, its the very same crowd of politically motivated frauds who gave us THE COMING ICE AGE some 40-years ago.

  3. Wow, Both of you have done nothing for your side of the argument.

    I am trying to learn from both sides about Fracking. Thought maybe this site might have some nice positive information about Fracking so I can get some balanced input, however reading through all the rubish the people above had said about eachother, I could not be bothered sifting throught it in hope to find anything useful, leads me to not reading anything more on this site.

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