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Discussion: (6 comments)

  1. Seattle Sam

    It’s abundantly clear that a whole lot of people have thought they have no place in New York for quite some time. Hence the exodus.

  2. Benjamin Cole

    People are narrow-minded.
    Why is polygamy illegal?
    So clap ourselves on the back, gay marriage legal, but consenting polygamists off to jail?

  3. The tone of this article is as stupid as using ATI’s transfer of 117 jobs as being in any way important. And then finishing it up with the Sandinasta crap.
    Treating what he said as if he wants very right wing Republicans to leave NY is moronic. It is just so obvious that he means their opinions are unwanted as guiding principles–which is clearly true of NY.
    I like reading the AEI emails because it makes me think about my position, and in some cases it changes my mind.
    But this crap is what I expect from Fox “News”.

    1. Sorry, nobody get’s to decide which political or otherwise controversial beliefs exclude you as a welcome American citizen to any American city.

      As long as you are a lawful citizen you share the same rights as everyone else, and the fact that Cuomo even said ” they have no place in the state of New York” is absolutely shocking.

      I like how you assume Cuomo meant something other than what he actually said, but taking his words literally is “moronic”.

      get a clue.

      1. No you get a clue you double moron!!!!!!!!!!!

        God, I hate the internet.

  4. Jason Brett Corbett

    I bought my new home in Pennsylvania back in August and am getting my drivers license there next week can’t wait to get my tax dollars out of here. People who stay here deserve this idiot tyrant government.

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