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  1. Nice post, Michael. Your comparative analysis of demographically similar districts is very useful.
    Just one clarification: the dollar figure in Table 15 is not “expenditures” but rather _revenues_. DC actually spent more than it took in in FY2010, spending $1.29 billion on the $1.196 billion in revenues you cite above. You’ll find the expenditure figure in Table 1 of the same Census Bureau report.

  2. Katrina Umana

    Definately why I left 4 years ago. A bigger problem is Special Education private placements. DCPS pays 100% if a parent sues and wins a private placement. There are lawyers that specialize in special education. In MD the state only pays 60% of the private placement tuition. So there aren’t as many lawsuits. In 1 year I had 2 students placed in private settings. One going to Kingsbury at 25,000 in tuition.

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