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  1. shawnmer

    “The projected date of insolvency speaks to a world where Congress never changes anything about Medicare, the world of health financing stays static, and, if we keep spending payroll tax dollars at current rates, the fund can’t pay its bills.”

    Says a moutpiece for the side who is in FAVOR of “never chang(ing) anything about Medicare!” Except maybe to increase it.

    So, so, so sick of the fatuous “don’t worry, we’ll do it tomorrow” school of entitlement spending!

  2. Thomas Sullivan

    I’ve looked up, as best I can from nearly non-existant data sources, the annual revenues and expenditures of Medicare. It has never come close to paying for itself. The idea that it has any kind of reserve in the trust fund (federal trust funds are where grand theft was perfected) is insane. Medicare is hopelessly broke and always has been. Try to look up revenues and outlays yourself. Our government is a financial fraud, the largest in history.

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