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  1. This is not hard to understand. Most all information now is in digital form.

    Mr. Snowden was an IT person – access to the servers that contained the digital info.

    When you say “internal lapses in security” – consider this – first the size of a micro-SD card and where you might carry it when you go into a secure facility where you have unrestricted access to the servers.

    What’s amazing to me on the other end – is what people can do to thwart the government snooping and that is easily obtained – encryption.

    so guess who is going to definitely use encryption when they are planning nefarious deeds and guess who won’t go through that trouble and thus be subject to govt snooping?

    that’s right, the clueless who have no nefarious motives will be snooped on from top to bottom by a govt that cannot near as easily do that to those who encrypt their communications.

    The whole thing not only points out the irony that average people do not understand the simple way that the leaker could do his thing but the ham-fisted govt approach that ends up with the bad guys shielding themselves effectively and the average folks who do not understand technology – not.

  2. From published reports, this guy worked for Booz Allen for three months. The Extended Background Investigation required for a TS/SI clearance takes much longer than that. No EBI, no TS/SI. Moreover, at one time, NSA required all cleared civilians to pass a polygraph.
    So, how exactly did he accomplish so much in three months?

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