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Discussion: (9 comments)

  1. Your first premise is wrong. The numbers could have been even worse but for the alleged manipulation.

    And while more evidence is also nice, the allegation that data was manipulated in order to benefit Obama reinforces those (like me) who think skepticism is in order when looking at everything the government publishes. Time after time, we’ve seen cases where supposedly neutral bureaucrats are not in fact neutral. And just like biased reporters can’t keep from twisting their stories in order to benefit those with whom they agree, I doubt biased bureaucrats can keep (even if they wanted) from twisting their reporting in ways that benefit their side.

  2. Patrick Gatti

    You may not be familiar with the NY Post. No evidence is necessary.

    1. So true. The Post is probably the most intellectually destructive publication in this fair city of ours.

  3. As noted on Twitter, those who voted Obama in probably don’t pay much attention to this sort of thing.

    That said, while evidence is good, this administration has lost the privilege of the benefit of the doubt.

  4. #1 And the Philadelphia region is the only one that was told by Census executives to make it up?

    #2 And LIBOR, Commodity Warehousing by Wall Street, Rating Agency ratings, FX, $JPM London Whale, Housing that never would go down 5% were all not manipulated?

    Please. Go sell the BS to people without a brain.

    1. I see you can’t argue with the substance of author’s comments, so you just attack him and say “fraud must have occurred” because, well, you just want to believe it did.

  5. It’s an allegation.
    Or more to the point it’s ANOTHER allegation. Where there is smoke…

    Administrations set policy. While the President doesn’t set all the minutia he does set people in place who are expected to under his direction (or lack thereof). Few ever act alone without even passive approval in gov’t (it’s usually a policy of CYA – cover your a$$), so the question is – is this a single instance or a policy? Is it looked down upon or accepted by a nod and a wink? Between the IRS Scandal, Benghazi, Fast&Furious, etc. this looks like policy, and therefore no surprise if such an allegation like the others before them are shown to be true.

    1. “Where there is smoke…”

      That’s exactly what papers like the Post are hoping their readers will say. They devote themselves to creating a mountain of allegations, each baseless on its own merits, and then readers are left with an overall impression of rampant wrongdoing. It’s actually a pretty effective strategy.

  6. mesa econoguy

    As I have been saying, BLS (and in this case, Census) has been committing fraud with their unemployment reporting.

    The only problem with this revelation is that government will investigate government malfeasance – and government will find nothing wrong, especially Obama’s/Eric Holder’s government.

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