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Discussion: (16 comments)

  1. Jon Murphy

    Bottom Line: In the state of Tennessee, public electric vehicle charging stations outnumber electric vehicles.

    On the plus side, you won’t have to worry about lines at the charging station.

    1. My response to you is grumpy cat.

    2. wallace krells

      which came first.
      the chicken.
      or the egg? :]

      1. morganovich

        i would be willing to bet that compared to the average ROI on a light rail system, this charging network is a downright bargain.

  2. SeattleSam

    I wonder if they link up complaints of “wasteful spending” with the one-to-one ratio of charging stations? Nah. That math is probably more complicated than the average state employee can handle.

    1. SeattleSam

      Maybe they’re just big Field of Dreams fans?

  3. Seethedolphins

    Perhaps many of the 700 stations are within a few miles of Smyrna? Or Brentwood? Where Nissan’s plant and HQ are located.

  4. “Bottom Line: In the state of Tennessee, public electric vehicle charging stations outnumber electric vehicles.yd”

    I’m going to guess that’s a better ration than California’s “hydrogen highway” stations.

    1. *ratio*

    2. Yeah, where IS that one hydrogen powered car in CA, anyway?

  5. would be interested to see a map showing where the cars are located vs where the charging stations are

  6. If they are more than 30 miles apart 530 people will be walking.

  7. Steven Martin

    Why public charging stations anyway? You can install a home charging station for about $750. A rebate for part of that would be nicer.

    1. They already got tax credits of 2500 from the state and 7500 from the federal government. Doesn’t that count toward the home charging station, or does the taxpayer have to fund that, too?

  8. Che is dead

    And all of these “green” electric charging stations are powered by what? Unicorns?


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