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  1. Since 1995 the government has given away almost $250 billion in farm subsides to only 38% of farmers – the 62% majority were paid nothing. Peeling back the numbers a bit further, we find that 72% of that money went to 10% of the recipients. The average payout to the lower 80% was only $572.00 per farm.

    It is time to quit tugging at taxpayer heartstrings about supporting the hard-working farmer and recognize that farm subsidies are the vilest form of corporate welfare.

    In a capitalist society, providing government support to agricultural ventures earning their highest profits in history is absurd, especially when the likes of ADM get government payments and favorable trade tariffs – and we the taxpayers suffer through such things as higher sugar costs and the stupid ethanol subsidies included in the cost of gasoline.

    Today I heard on the radio that the poor farmers are being abused because the runaway food stamp program is not theirs and they should not be blamed. Be that as it may, are you acquainted with any “poor” farmers?

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