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  1. As a parent I have never heard of a parent’s ” fear that schools aren’t paying enough attention to character, citizenship, the arts, or much else.”

    And I really don’t care about that either, I care whether my kid can read write and do math, and am actually quite upset that they are spending too much time on those PC subjects you mention, and other touchy feely unmeasurable soft skills because it means I have to teach my kids math and reading at home.

    What a bunch of tripe.

  2. Oh and yes, I do pick schools based on test score. But it is difficult to do unless you move, since it is hard to change your assigned school in many places. Have problems with your school spending too much time on citizenship and your stuck – while the principal tells you dead pan “No other parent has ever complained about this” knowing it is a lie.

    That is where homeschooling comes in, and if you are lucky and go through hoops you might find a charter school in your area.

  3. just a guess.. but I bet parents who want their kids to go to college – do pay attention to SAT scores and yes, that is a test you can teach to and in fact, its one of the things that good private schools teach to.

  4. So what exactly is “the learning environment”? And what does “discipline” mean to certain individuals? If they are looking for places with a high percentage of students going on to college, you know they are paying attention to standardized test scores and SATs. While these parents may not state they overtly value test scores, there are many responses here that lead to a school filled with children of privilege, who have higher test scores for a variety of reasons. It makes me sad to think how many parents think these are the best choices for their kids in every circumstance.

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