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  1. The USA Today/Gallup Poll is far more telling than the Fox poll, which shoehorns opinion about the budget deficit into a “tax-only” frame, bifurcating opinion along increase/not increase lines. Studies have long shown that voters “want something for nothing” (see: Sears and Citrin’s 1985 study of taxation in California for a fascinating look at voter “schizophrenia” regarding taxation and services). By only offering a “yes/no” proposition about what to do about the budget deficit, the question stacks the deck, as it were. In this case, the question is rendered largely useless.

    Conversely, the Gallup poll question is much more realistic. Here, by offering a wide selection of possible responses, we are able to gauge a better view about what respondents actually want in relation to other options. In this case, it seems clear that a balanced approach would, in fact, be a mandate–although this term is certainly bandied about ad nauseum .

  2. Max Planck

    Mr. Rugg, the only person you’re kidding is yourself.

  3. MacDaddyWatch

    Only tax payers can deliver a mandate…tax spenders can never deliver a mandate.

  4. The GOP has blathered for four years that we have a spending problem but for four years they have refused to seriously specify any cuts other than entitlements.

    They waited four years to force this POTUS out.

    Now that he has flogged their hinies, they STILL do not
    to list out serious cuts. Nope. They want Obama to list their cuts!

    what a bunch of Neanderthals. They deserved to lose the election and if they keep this sooner or later even the most gullible of their supporters are going to start to realize just what frauds they are.

  5. “Now that he has flogged their hinies, they STILL do not
    to list out serious cuts. Nope. They want Obama to list their cuts!”

    You’re such a hack, Larry. Don’t like the GOP’s spending cuts? What are Obama’s? He’s only the President of the United States.

    Obama’s latest “offer” to the GOP was $1.6 trillion in tax hikes and more spending masked as “stimulus.” Yet, you bang the drums demanding more specifics from the GOP.

    1. The GOP simply lacks the courage of their claimed convictions.

      If they were something other than feckless weasels – they would forthrightly lay down their plan – and support it.

      instead they’ve been playing hidey-seek because they are afraid to face the American people with their plan.

      it’s as simply as that.

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