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Discussion: (9 comments)

  1. Seattle Sam

    I’m pretty sure that Barack and Michele are hoping that Sasha will marry someone with a 90 IQ and a high school education in order to reduce the income inequality to which they’ve contributed.

  2. Todd Mason

    Sasha and Malia go to Sidwell Friends School so, no, it’s doubtful either even knows a blue-collar bound boy.

    Aside from a single factoid, to make this about the 1 percent is misdirection. At about $100k in household income, give or take depending on the location, kids grow up in a different America. New Trier,outside Chicago, has little in common with Skokie, let alone South Chicago. A New Trier education gets these children better colleges,better careers and stable marriages. Schools aren’t the only factor — New Trier parents surely have higher expectations, But for the kids from Skokie to want better requires some knowledge of what better is.

  3. This is fully supported by Charles Murray in “Coming Apart”. He in fact calls college “the sorting machine”. Prior to the explosion of middle class entry into college, it was rare for an especially smart person to find a marriageable partner (big fish in a small pond). But liberal arts colleges throw the cream of the high school students together, and so even smart guys from small high schools are likely to find a smart, and upwardly mobile, partner.

    After they marry and get good white collar jobs, they buy homes in suburbs filled with upscale homes, great schools, and neighbors exactly like themselves. Their children then repeat the pattern.

    1. Todd Mason

      I assume you reference “Coming Apart” in which Murray excoriates a fictional stand-in for New Trier for leaving Skokie behind. Murray himself moved from DC to a town of 1,700 in Maryland. “I did not want my children to grow up only knowing other upper-middle-class kids like themselves,” Murray told the NYTimes.

  4. To this we should add the fact that since the start of the “war on poverty” a far larger share of people have children without getting married at all and live in single parent homes, and an even larger share of the poor exhibit this behavior. Income inequality is really all about marriage patterns, something highly controllable by the individuals involved.

  5. “Quick note on the Gini index: 0 represents total equality and 100 represents total inequality.”

    The 100 should be a 1 , if I’m not mistaken.

  6. Did you mean to say the Gini Index total inequality is at 1.00? If 0 is total equality and 100 is total inequality and we’re at 0.44…that’s not much of a problem.

    1. true.

  7. Eric Rasmusen

    A good exercise for we in the elite is to imagine the response if one of our friends found out his son or daughter was marrying someone who didn’t go to college. It wouldn’t even be “Some of my best friends didn’t go to college, but…” because they wouldn’t have any friends who didn’t go to college.

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