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Discussion: (49 comments)

  1. Max Planck

    Jim, you’re embarrassing yourself. It’s really pathetic. Just take the rest of the day off, and wait until something bad happens so you can harp on it.

    1. The GOP wants (and needs) America to fail. McConnell said so, Limbaugh said so. Imagine a country where an entire political party is programmed to cheer America’s decline.

      1. It’s gratifying you acknowledge America is declining.
        May I suggest you not vote for the dope who has presided over that decline the last four years?

      2. No. They didn’t.

      3. The umpteenth time I’ve read that tripe today. You gotta hand it to them – the Media Matters zombies certainly stay on point!

      4. Actually, Jimboy, Limbaugh never said that. Not that you’ll find any record of it on most of the liberal websites. It’s a lie that has been repeated so long and so often that you and other liberals just accept it as factual truth.

        And your basic assertion that Republicans want the economy to fail is patently ridiculous. Grow the hell up.

        1. The reason this was done as I’m sure you know was because the jobs are not being taken away yet. The Republicans are using a situation they created to intimidate voters. How flag wavingly patriotic, not to care about Veterans and workers until it besmirches Obama.

    2. Nikola Tesla

      Hey, Max – apparently your math skills have eroded significantly.

      We have a deficit crisis unfolding.

      We have a true unemployment crisis, hitting minorities hardest of all.

      We have an entitlement crisis, with Medicare slated to go under in seven years.

      We have a Middle East aflame, with Iran nearing nuclear capability — and an increased possibility of an atomic Hezbollah

      We have cover-ups underway of MF Global/Corzine, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, etc.

      And you want four more years? Four more years will mean the end of this great Republic, but perhaps that’s what you want.


      1. We should go to Bush quadrupled, instead. If Willard was on a soup line he would be first, on the buffet he would be first. Don’t tell me anymore about Republicans wanting to help anyone but themselves.

    3. jrobinson

      And you’re embarrassing YOURSELF.

      They switched to household survey for this data suddenly. Why? There is no parallel echoes of this in any other economic data. Virtually every rightwing pundit was able to predict this move, some, even years out. Amazing.

      We suddenly get the largest drop in unemployment in 29 years… completely unexpectedly, without any other supporting data, less than a month before the election… and you just roll over and lap up the fresh koolaid. Completely un-suspicious or skeptical of anything.

      Try this little experiment: imagine, for a moment, that Obama spelled his name, “B-U-S-H”. Do things look different, now?

      You are a naive idiot; whether you are a useful idiot or not I guess remains to be seen.

  2. MacDaddyWatch

    Jim, Jack Welch, GE’s last real CEO, agrees with you. And when the number of jobs grow in the inefficient, taxpayer subsidized, public/government sector while jobs shrink in the efficient, private/manufacturing sector, then we can be certain that we have a real problem. And as we all know, moreover, part time jobs do not possess the firepower needed to contribute to the buoying of the “virtuous cycle” that has been absent for about 4-years.

    1.3% GDP growth simply isn’t doing the job.

    1. Do you mean the Jack Welch who got into trouble cooking the books for GE? If I wanted a truthful point of view, Welch wouldn’t be a good choice.

      1. MacDaddyWatch


        Obama nominated Erica Groshen to be the BLS commissioner in February, but this new report — obtained by The Daily Caller and set to be released on Thursday — reveals for the first time publicly that she sent her children to Camp Kinderland. The ALG report reveals how “Groshen and her husband are listed in the Kinderland Directory 2011-2012, which indicates that they sent children to the camp during the 1990s and 2000s.”

        “Camp Kinderland was founded in the 1923 as a place for the children of radical Jewish activists,” the report continues.

        According to New York University, some of the camp’s founders were “activists in the Communist Party,” and all “were associated with the left wing of the Workermen’s Circle.”

        1. Max Planck

          Ms. Groshen’s appointment is currently being blocked by the GOP and she is not heading the BLS at this time. She currently works at the New York Fed as a VP in Analysis.

          As far as Camp Kinderland, it is a Jewish children’s camp, and it was associated with the “Workmen’s Circle” (not workermen’s) and it has responded to this infantile attack of yours:

          1. MacDaddyWatch

            Hey Einstein, are you a member of the SEIU?

            Just wondering.

      2. MacDaddyWatch

        GE’s stock is down 65% from Welch levels. And if you want a truthful point of view, then you would also state that everything Welch did was legal–he got in “trouble” in your mind only and that doesn’t count.

        Unfortunately, Jack’s biggest mistake was greasing the skids for the failed Jeff who sent tons of jobs to China but today is Obama’s #1 consultant on job creation. In fact, not that long ago, he sent a whole operating division to China.


        1. Max Planck
          1. MacDaddyWatch

            Hahahaha…” cut and paste” gurus are never able to think for themselves.

            GE stock is down 65% from Welch’s days in an up market. Explain that one Einstein.

            I’m waiting.

          2. Max Planck

            If you have to ask that question, you’re a little below my height requirement.

            Good day.

      3. Got something credible about that supposed ‘Welch cooking the books‘ comment?

        1. Max Planck
      4. Jack Welch surveyed 14 businesses, and blah, blah, blah. Also he used a very interesting word when he resigned from contributing to Fortune, “traction.” His story didn’t gain traction. Plus he named no no names.

  3. Jimbo, the progressive left have been try to engineer America’s decline for decades. As to the jobs report. The 7.8% is obviously ridiculous. If unemployment were really at the level the budget deficit would reflect it by being lower now than it was 3 years ago. More tax payers = more revenue = lower deficit. The deficit this year was 1.2+ trillion dollars – unchanged from the last 3 years. Therefore the real rate is closer to 11-12%.

    1. I agree. Plus more peole working should equal less goverment spending (e,g welfare benefits, fodd stamps) should be dropping. So again the deficit would be decling. not seing it.

      frankly I think that the former GE guy is right–this is not a statitical quirk–it is the goverment manipulating data to drive an election result.

      And for my friends on the left who think this is painoid–how many of you think that W. lied to get us intyo Iraq? So you think the goverment lying us into a war is plausible but the goverment manipulating job data is tin foil stuff. give me a break.

  4. “This must be an anomaly,” former Congressional Budget Office director Doug Holtz-Eakin said in a snap analysis of the numbers. “It is out of line with any of the other data..”
    Holtz-Eakin noted the household survey is smaller, suggesting it is not as reliable. He called estimate of 873,000 new jobs “implausible.”
    He said the report was otherwise “solid,” but reflected “the economy is merely moving sideways.”
    Liberal economist Dean Baker, with the Center for Economic and Policy Research, called the September rate drop “almost certainly a statistical fluke.”

    In addition, this would be the largest one month increase in the household survey since 1983.

    Look around, this simply isn’t plausible under the current market conditions.

    If you believe these numbers are accurate, you likely believe the attack in Libya was a spontaneous event prompted by a video.

  5. Statistical Quirk, MY FOOT! This is a straight out, in your face, manipulation by Solis and crew! The eSTAB-lishment Repubs were spending Millions to tell everybody about 8% unemployment and the Obama campaign just made those millions a useless commercial! Mr.Rove & Co. got outsmarted, cause they wouldn’t listen to everybody telling them to talk about the U3 or the U6 numbers. But no, they are the smartest people in the room. They just showed how smart they are by getting outsmarted by a guy who can’t talk without a teleprompter! Way to go Mr. Rove! Tell us again, what side you’re on? The Obama Enemy media will be spouting this as a deflection, now, whenever Romney says anything about the economy. The media will have to be dealt with in a much more aggressive manner over the next month or they will “Steam Roll” anyone trying to get a Romney message out. I’ve written on this subject. Here’s a concept for going after the Obama Enemy media:

    God Bless America!

  6. They said they wanted Obama and the Liberals to fail, not the country. Because if they succeed, we’d be in the same boat as Greece, Ireland and Spain very shortly.

    1. AD-RtR/OS!

      Come to CA and you’ll find out what Spain, Greece, and Ireland look like – especially now that we have $5+ gas.

      1. Move!

  7. Does anybody believe that in one month the BLS called millions of Americans to find 837,000 that “say they found a jobs.”?

    Or is this just one more statistical model gone off the rails?

    1. Russ Davis

      As they say, figures don’t lie but liars, oh boy can they figure!

  8. Chris young

    the numbers dont add up plain and simple. If the unemployment rate dropped.3 % on only 100 something K job creation ( a number that was lower than last month) in one month why had it remained largely unchanged for the months prior. If the household part time (for economic reasons) employment rose from 8.0 to 8.6 million( I believe a seasonally adjusted number *) that 600,000 people who went to work part time in hopes to have some Christmas I assume. * Seasonally adjusted number is a made up guess as it is. The numbers have been fudged for years why should this month be any different. the fact that they were so desperate to help a flailing administration close to an election that they had to post the biggest drop in 30 years on the back of holiday part time work just goes to show how bad it is. You dont need BLS or any other Govt agency to tell you how bad it is. Just open your eyes to all the shuttered retail space. Open you ears to the layoff announcements. And look at the stock market it goes up when corporations get leaner and meaner. Its simple logic. $4+ gas $2.50 bread alone tell you that things are in bad shape. No wonder people are taking part time work for economic reasons.

  9. AD-RtR/OS!

    “Lies, Damn Lies, and (BLS) Statistics!”

    1. If the math don’t fit, you must dismit!

    2. Doug Neal
  10. Mit gave 53% effort in saying he was for all citizens of America the other 47% know they will never be important to him -know that republican employers will start laying off employees to affect the next job report do not feel too comfortable in the 53%, Any party that would withhold jobs to prevent the president from being reelected should be scorned. God bless the good people of American who want to help her grow and soar regardless of who is president and for those who are holding the economy ransom you should pray to God that He does not make your circumstance as poor as the people’s lives who you are affecting. If God wants President Obama to win a second term there is nothing the republicans can do because it would be the republicans against God.

    1. Marisol Holmes

      If Romney wins, it will also be God’s will, I guess, right?
      I am part of the 47%, and I support Mitt Romney, because he has a concrete, realistic plan, to help people like me. Romney will grow the economy and there will be more good jobs, more full-time jobs. Energy independence is what we should work towards. Just look at North Dakota! That’s what we should do. VOTE ROMNEY! NUESTRO PRESIDENTE!

    2. And if God doesn’t want Obama re-elected then Tomney will win.
      And while Romney won’t be chasing the votes of the 47% (he knows he won’t get it) he still plans to create as many jobs for them as possible. Then the 46% might become 42% or lower and increase his chances of re-election.
      Whereas Obama is happy for the 47% to remain, or even grow, as they vote for him. He’s more interested in collecting votes than creating jobs – which is why he has such an appalling record of abject failure.

    3. Nice try concern troll.

    4. President Obama has encouraged Lockheed Martin to delay sending out layoff notices, promising to cover legal costs when the workers file suits against the company. President Obama is suggesting this so the layoff numbers don’t affect his unemployment rate. Your fortune telling skills are no match for present-day facts.

      1. The reason this was done as I’m sure you know was because the jobs are not being taken away yet. The Republicans are using a situation they created to intiidate voters. How flag wavingly patriotic, not to care about Veterans and workers until it besmirches Obama.

    5. Republidem

      If republican employers lay employees off just to effect the outcome of the unemployment rate in Mitt’s favor, I feel sorry for many white employees because that’ll hurt them the most since they make up the majority of the workforce. And if you think this could happens, someone else is way ahead of you and has strategies in place to deal with it. The number has fluctuated throughout Obama’s presidency and stayed on the high end until Friday’s all time low. The pundits and polls are already telling us that the number could change or rise again before the election. With that said, Mitt may get another shot at using high unemployment on the stump.

    6. Romney didnt say he didnt care about 47% of americans. He said 47% of the eligible voters will vote for obama no matter what. Its not his job to worry about changing their minds, because they wont. He then explained in harsh terms what kind of people these 47% represent. If you cant see that he was right, although brutally honest, then you are a part of that 47% he cannot convince they are supporting a failed president. Either you watched the edited video or you saw the edited video from the main stream media. Take the responsibility upon yourself and search for the unedited video and what he really said makes perfect sense. If not you will find out after the election how much better Romney is than obama. This election will be a landslide for Romney and obama will fall as the worst president in history.

      And i see you are praying to God, so your a Christian. Me too. And as a believer in God, there is no way i will vote for obama. He has tried to remove God from our lives and beliefs. He is against Christianity.

  11. Elizabeth Jones

    I agree with “Don,” deficit a reflection of decrease taxes / unemployment. Consequentially, parts of the US is starting to look like a Third World…I am one that has dropped out of the unemployed and dropped out the US. Corruption has escalated and God is not pleased.

  12. In the case of the BLS, the story being pushed is that the “number of unemployed Americans is now 12.1 million, the fewest since January 2009.”

    What they’re leaving out is that “unemployed” is a technical term that does not mean “not working”, as the Employment-Population Ratio has declined from 60.6 to 58.7 during that time. This means at least 5.9 million more Americans are not working than were not working in January 2009.
    Labels: economics

  13. Paid For By Romney/Ryan 2032.

  14. GOD did not certify these numbers. GOD proclaimed that unemployment is 20.5%!

    Your methodology does not have GOD’s blessing, Mister Hussein Obamaa. The WORD of GOD is TRUTH.

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