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Discussion: (6 comments)

  1. Max Planck

    “How will the post-Assad Syria get sorted? What will happen to Syria’s minorities? What will happen to all the terrorist groups now fighting? What impact will they have on Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon? And where will all those weapons go? Good questions. The only thing we here in Washington know is that President Obama doesn’t really think it’s our problem.”

    We’ve had boots on the ground there since this started, toots. Take your twaddle elsewhere- if anyone will pay you to produce it.

    1. RonRonDoRon

      Max –

      Someone with the kind of inside, top-secret knowledge that you claim to have really shouldn’t be posting on public comment boards.

      1. Max Planck

        It’s been public knowledge that NATO, and specifically the U.S., has had intelligence assets all over the place since the conflict started. Contrary to Ms. Pletka’s bitching- which in her case, is a job requirement listed on her CV- we have, in fact, been monitoring and meddling all along.

  2. I said this once on this blog – I’ll say it again. My boys have spent the better past of this decade at war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    If you want to bring the Syrians freedom Ms. Pletka, send your own damn kids.

    1. Max Planck

      “If you want to bring the Syrians freedom Ms. Pletka, send your own damn kids.”

      Never in a million years, for this lot.

  3. o’bama is backing the “rebels” (al Qaida). Does anybody still believe that o’bama speaks the truth? I think the bit about “sarin” could be PROPAGANDA or a hint that O’BAMA PLANS to use sarin and blame it on somebody else!

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